Scarlett is only Pretty

I got an update from itunes and noticed Scarlett Johanssen has an album out. I decided to give it a listen.

It is a kindness for me to say that it was horrid. The girl can not sing. Period. Is this what America has come to? Not only do we have mediocre people singing on American Idol (save Kelly Clarkson or any of the earlier people---Carrie Underwood is good as well), we have actors singing and they completely, totally, utterly stink. Don't get me going on Britney Spears. But Britney is in luck compared to Scarlett. Britney sounds like an angel if we were to do this. It is an insult to music period to give people record deals that lack musical ability. It insults ME to think that the music industry thinks I want to listen to a beautiful actor sing terribly.

Personally, I don't care what musicians look like. I listen to them, I don't look at them.


laurie eller said...

HILARIOUS!!!!!!!!!!! Ditto all of it, btw.


August said...

I was thinking the same thing. Last night I was listening to the radio and I hear the Jordin Sparks song for the gazillionth time. She's definitely got a good voice but the song is soooo, I don't even know the word for it.. commercialized? There are so many talented singer/songwriters out there who have yet to be discovered. Like YOU? ;)

August said...

PS.. Scarlett is really pretty. I haven't heard her music. Hey, can you send me the chords for There is a Light? My hubby is a Smiths fan and I would love to play that song for him! Nice job by the way ;)

doozie said...

what makes actors think they can cross over? what would it be like if your local surgeon just up and crossed over to another specialty, he normally operates on bones, but one day just decides to give brain surgery the ole' college try?

same thing. it's painful and the result will most likely be death

R said...

Laurie----Thanks! I am glad you agree with me!!!

August---I will have to send that on to you. I will try to get that to you soon. The chords I have for it are a little different from chords you would get online.

Doozie---Ain't that the truth!!!! Good grief, you are a wise one.

Groovy Mom said...

Oh yeah, that is bad, and they tried to make up for her lack of singing talent with a lot of voice effects, but bad vocals are bad vocals no matter what.

It's like celebrities who can get a book published no matter what. Frustrating for those of us who try and try to get published, and having good stories doesn't seem to cut it.

Aunt Jo said...

You said it so well.....we listen not look. :o)

Too many celebreties are glorified by the world for their bad immoral and stupid behaviour.