The Great Pool Story

I am an observant person for the most part, so the pool is always a delightful way to spend a silent afternoon. At least, of course, I would be silent and spectating. I don't think I stand out much, except for the red sunglasses, and I don't have a figure to be scorned for. I just sit there and either watch people and my children or read a book and take notes.

Yesterday a mother who lives down the street from me brought her three daughters in. They seemed harmless enough to me, but she kept yelling at them over sitting on a towel, or not standing in the right place. And when she would yell something the second time, she would put her gut in it and growl. Being about four chairs down, it wasn't a pleasant experience. It started to get really annoying because she was yelling constantly in the pool and out of it. And not only that, I noticed that she had a certain tone quality that matched the Oldest's voice (imagine that) and a semi-growling Mickey Mouse was on the loose. I thought my ears would burst.

Near the end of our stay I sat by the pool and watched the Girl do tricks. While this was happening a few good-for-nothing girls approached me and asked me what my daughter's name was (who was close to their age). I told them. Five minutes later they came up and asked me what my Oldest son's name was (I knew this was coming). I told them. Five minutes from then they came to me and told me that he called one of the girls a "brat".

I said, "Well, were you being a brat?"
She could barely look at me. "Uh, no."
I half smiled and said, "Sure, I can talk to him. But would you like me to spank him for you?"
Their eyes went wide and they laughed. One said yes, the others said no. I was being totally sarcastic because I knew the girls were up to no good.

When leaving I said to the Oldest, "so are you name calling or are those girls just being trouble?"

"I did not call them brats mom."

"They told me you called that one girl a brat. If you did, name calling is never appropriate. Some day some guy is going to give you a good sock in the face. People have hard lives and they get mad over little stuff easily. It's good to keep your mouth shut."

"Oh, I know what you said about the spanking thing, I am NOT happy about it," flamed the Oldest.

I had to have a little giggle behind my hand, "What did they say to you?"

"They said you wanted to spank me."

"I was being sarcastic. Their fault for not taking my message. I don't believe a word they say."

"Good. They just don't like me...."

And he went on about how they torture him for no reason and how now that he has made a friend they are trying to plot the friend against him. I really don't get kids. I know my son can be annoying and rude because of his Asperger's, but do I REALLY have to shout it to the world to make them understand this?

The drive home was full of words.

"I am very glad that you guys obey immediately when I tell you that we have to go home. Thank you."

"Are you saying that because those girls with that yelling mother didn't obey her?" asked the Oldest.

"Yeah, a little."

"Does that make you feel better than her?"

I tell you, with this dude you get it straight. "No, man. I don't feel better than her. I feel like you guys are well-behaved kids and I am happy about that. Thank you."

"So does that mean you ARE better than her?"


"She yells all the time."

"Yes, she does."

"You don't."


"Some moms think that their kids are the kids that do nothing wrong, like, 'not my angel! He wouldn't do that!'" said Eraser-Eater from the back, "Even if they are bad they never think their kids are bad!"

"Our Mom is so not like that!" yelled the Girl.

"Yeah! She knows we're not angels!" yelled Eraser Eater.

I almost laughed but I couldn't get the image of the big fat booger hanging out of the teenager's nose as he swam around in the pool. It was huge. And when he turned around again, it had gone---gone into the abyss of chlorine and kid sweat, swirling probably on to one of my angel's swim suits, infecting it. That is when I pointed my finger as I stood alongside the pool and waved it back and forth, which always means, "you, you, you, we leave the premises, now."


Mrs. Sinta said...

Pools are no doubt a haven to unspeakable filth and slime, but I still prefer them to lakes because at least the water is clear enough to see the bottom, the chlorine ought to kill something, and there are no muskrats in pools. I saw a muskrat swimming in a lake at Eagle Island once, and it was incredibly creepy.

Uncle Joe said...

you had me until I saw the phrase 'big fat booger'.
luckily I wasn't eating my breakfast yet.

doozie said...

I understand the chlorine kills germs, but that doesn't make me feel any better about chunky things..

boogers, scabs, bandaids, fromunda cheese, etc etc. I hate pools

R said...

Shealy---Muskrats sound terrible. But not as terrible as big fat green wobbly boogers.

Uncle Joe---It is getting harder for me to cope with germs and the like the older I get. Last night I could not concentrate on sleeping because I stupidly dropped my brand new toothbrush on the floor. And even though I washed it up and everything, I still imagined hairs of all sorts going down my throat and unspeakable germs.

Doozie---Chunky things is right. I had the same thought. Does the chlorine zap it right away? I don't want it lurking on to one of my kids or in their hair or on a body part. I am thoroughly sickening myself so please excuse me...

Groovy Mom said...

I was just thinking about how much I love swimming in nice clear cool swimming pools. I may have to rethink that.

Fromunda cheese.


thislittlepiggy said...

You are SO much better than that other mom. TeeHee.

Sotos kids and Aspies have A LOT in common it would seem. :o)

doozie said...

I'm always thinking of fromunda cheese, because I used to work for a family doctor, and old ladies would come in and need an EKG, and you would have to lift up their big old boobies, and underneath the big boobies was a sort of...er.....substance? And I can't stop thinking about that when I see over weight old people in pools