Almost Severed Fingers and Some Linkage

 have not been able to post lately because I severely cut my finger like a total nimrod. I was cutting up cilantro and don't ask me how, but I sliced my index fingernail. I mean, I CUT it. If my fingernail had not been there I would have cut off my finger. So typing has been a complete joke the past few days. Until today I could only type a few sentences at a time.

And contrary to popular belief, I know how to cut up stuff. I think I got distracted or something. It is all a blur.

I went over to my neighbor's house (who is a nurse) and she took care of me pronto. She gave me salt flushes, wrapping, tape, you name it, she had it and administered her care. And it hurts like crazy. Heaven forbid I become an old woman and have aches and pains. I get sort of mean when I am in pain.

I am not geared up for school this year at all either. I am teaching a couple classes and no matter what I do I just never feel prepared. Thankfully the Professor is going to take on teaching the Oldest logic this year so I don't have to wrap my brain around that. I've already done enough voco, vocas, vocamus, vocatis, vocant but I guess I will have to do that again this year although I foresee that Latin will be only a good vocabulary help.

I ran seven miles this morning and I feel really great. I even could still focus when the Girl kept coming to the window and making silly faces. Yesterday I almost lost it and fell off the treadmill she had me laughing so hard. She is such a freak. She was taking a stick and twisting it back and forth into the glass with an evil look on her face. She makes no sense.

I am sure Eraser Eater (9) would not mind if you all looked at this for him. He is very enthusiastic about it. His idea of fun is going on that site and pretty much taking notes.The Oldest also wants you all to listen to his song on my podcast (for a time) that he created. It sounds like Neo is going to bust through the wall and whip some agent butt.


Groovy Mom said...

I make my husband nervous whenever I wield a knife. I regularly cut myself. I burn myself frequently too. (That is why it is brilliant that I make beads with a torch.)

Your oldest's song is great! Sounds like something my kids would want on their ipods. They've downloaded all kinds of video game music. They're not into contemporary music with lyrics and stuff, but they dig the video game music. lol

Bee Repartee said...

OUCH. I'm sure you've heard all the advice, but I'm going matronly on you and say to make sure if it gets puffy or spidery looking to go to the hospital immediately. I had a friend almost die of a staph infection from a simple cut on his hand. SCARY.

Doesn't it throb when you run?

alisa said...

I have very eccentric cousins. That's cool I guess.

Anne said...

Is this a chording finger or a pick-holding finger? OUCH!

R said...

Thanks Jennifer! I also feel better knowing you mess up with knives too! :)

Bee---It looks pretty good right now. I did look for the signs you mentioned though. That IS scary. It doesn't throb when I run, weirdly enough.

Alisa---Yeah, your cousins are geeks.

Anne---This is a chording finger, which is the worst. I am just at the point where I don't have pain when I press down. I have to give it a couple more days though. Grrr.....

The Doozie said...

yer a clutz but we lub you

thislittlepiggy said...