This Is Music

I can't believe it is the afternoon already! I have a lot to do---I need to clean my house. I find that as a mother who is home a lot of the time, I am cleaning every time I turn around.

For Bee, I will list all the bands on my ipod (currently) that I run to (in alphabetical order):

The Beatles
Caedmon's Call
The Good, the Bad and the Queen (some stupid band the Blur guy threw together for the Herculean and who knows what else)
Gorillaz (I have the song Dare)
Grant Lee Phillips
Jars of Clay
Jeff Buckley
Led Zeppelin
Paul McCartney
The Perishers
Phil Wickham
Radiohead (only the Body Snatchers)
Richard Ashcroft
Sarah Masen
Sarah McLachlan
Tears for Fears
The Verve

No, I don't only listen to Zep when running, I just tend not to skip any Zep song when it pops up on shuffle. I also feel the same way toward Oasis, except not as much lately.

And I am not really impressed with Coldplay's new album. I think it is what the Professor would say, "underwhelming". I really don't like the Viva La Vida song at all---I think it is sort of blah. I HATE the Death and All His Friends song.

Man, I hope the Verve's new album is good. I have my doubts because once people get older, they just don't have it anymore. Like, U2 should just quit. Most of the stuff they do now sucks. I don't even bother buying it. I think Beautiful Day is ordinary. That All That You Can't Leave Behind album and the Bomb one after it is so bland that I never play them and couldn't tell you the tune of hardly a song on either of them. The only reason why I own them is because the Professor bought them for me. Surprisingly enough I have enjoyed Oasis' recent stuff so I am hoping their upcoming album is a good one. I wouldn't mind seeing them again if only to see Noel Gallagher.

I want Grant Lee to put out another Virginia Creeper (when are you going to come to Alexandria, man?) and Travis just never puts anything out EVER that is bad. Every time I hear a new album I wonder when the terrible song is going to play.

And I am really, really impressed with that Fields album.

And we all know if we have a brain in our head, that when Phil Wickham comes out with his new album that it is going to be beyond stellar. He is just incredibly amazing.

You all have no idea who I am talking about do you?


Mrs. Sinta said...

I cleaned my house today for the first time in mega weeks. And I bought some chocolate ice cream. Life is full of surprises.

Groovy Mom said...

I only just recently discovered Coldplay, and my husband and I both really like them. I'm not sure if I've heard anything from their new album, though. I'll have to check out your other picks that I haven't heard!

Dapoppins said...

I wish I could lie and say I know all about who you are talking about...but that would, indeed, be a lie.

The Doozie said...

No Barry Manilow?

thislittlepiggy said...

Nope. Not a clue. All I hear any more is Johnny Cash.

Aunt Jo said...

huh? did you say something? :o)