I am home, yes, it is so nice. In a way vacations are so great but then I miss home so much I find that I wake up in the wee hours of the morning on some foreign pillow pining away for it. Home is that special place where you leave all your stuff, sleep, and feel at ease.

I ran only one time while there. I think once was enough. I ran my usual seven plus mile route, but it was hot and grueling when I decided to take it. Well, it was morning, so it wasn't incredibly hot. I think the main blunder of the trip was that in my haste I forgot my ipod. Even over forgetting the kids' toothbrushes. Those were easily replaced, but the ipod? No way. That was rough, running all those miles with no audible help. I forget how much I depend on it. So far this week I have only run seven miles when normally I would have already had, oh, maybe 27 or so. I feel like a failure and I feel unhealthy (especially because I had a steady diet of ice cream every stinking day), but that is no matter. My reward smack in the middle of the run was the view of the ocean, and then I turned directly around and went back to the hotel. During my run I saw: huge dragonflies, a deer, a turtle, a dead snake, and some ponies, the usual.

The Professor dug the world's hugest hole and recruited me into helping him for a spell so I have a really sore back, just like an old woman. The Girl and I took our beach chairs and chilled down there for awhile. People thought we were nuts. I will post pictures perhaps if I get less lazy.

During every visit to the beach the man and I could hear our child, the Oldest, yelping and yelling (in usual Mickey Mouse fashion) over the many crashing waves and the usual din of a well-crowded beach.

I tried to read a lot but got very little accomplished because I was convinced that at least one of my children would get sucked into the abyss and never come back. I suppose that if game cube were around while they were in the waves and perhaps if they were playing it at the same time and say, fighting, I would welcome the whole idea of abyss sinking. But I was petrified every two minutes, actually, and kept putting that bookmark back into the book. So I read during the two hour traffic jam (we were at a complete stop right before the Wilson Bridge) and read more then than I did the two solid days at the beach combined.

The Oldest was just recently reading a Garfield comic. "What's impressionable?" he asked.
The Professor replied, "a person who is easily influenced by something---a person who believes anything another person says to them, something like that."

"You!" I said.
He looked at me and folded his arms in fake anger. "I am not impressionable!"
"You believed the tooth fairy," chimed the Professor.
"I never believed it!"he roared.
"Oh, come on!" we practically said in unison.
I walked over to the cupboard to get a few things to set up for dinner. I could hear the Professor telling him about how he overheard a conversation with the Girl and him about proving the tooth fairy was real or not.
"You both have lied to me. You were the culprits. You and Mom. And I never believed it."
I rolled my eyes as I pulled the potatoes out of the oven.
"What about the note?" asked the Professor.
"I knew that wasn't real!" shrieked Mickey Mouse.
"Then why did you look up the Elvish characters in the Lord of the Rings book?"
"I was trying to prove it!"
"But you believed it for a second didn't you?"
"Maybe I believed it when I was three..." he muttered, sort of defeated.


bristowmom said...

Welcome home! It didn't occur to me that you would blog from the beach, so I missed the pics. Glad you saw some wildlife. :) And glad the snake was DEAD!

The Doozie said...

Yes, I regularly see those items whilst on a walk/run/stroll.

The poor shrieker...tricked into believing in a fairy and then defeated?

Isn't it quaint that in the hands of the right people, the GameCube can make you feel murderous?

Aunt Jo said...

Can I come on your next vacation?? I would love to dig a big ole hole at the beach! I'll even keep an eye on the kids so you can read. :o)

Carly learned there was no Santa when we visited a new church. She was SO MAD!!! The preacher just blurted it out.........it was hilarious!!

Aunt Jo said...

I miss my pillow when I am gone too....although we sure do sleep good on hotel mattresses. Maybe because we are so exhausted?? and the AC is turned down to "arctic"??

Groovy Mom said...

ha!ha! Funny kid.

A vacation on the beach sounds lovely. I hope you feel at least a little bit refreshed and rejuvenated. I'll pretend I remember how that feels. ;-)

Bee Repartee said...

Elvins aren't real? NOOOOO.

What do you run to, besides Led Zepp? or do you? I need some new walking music.

Dapoppins said...

More beach pictures!

You all look like you are the only ones there! Where is everyone?