What the Heck

Heaven help me, I went to a freaking pumpkin patch with the kids and a slew of others yesterday.

The kids were running and playing tag on bales of hay, and my daughter (who is six), who was tagging a three year old who weighs about two pounds, accidentally knocked him off and guess what? He broke his arm badly.

The mother was so smooth about it. She was checking his arm out, unsure of what had happened. I stooped down and looked at his arm too. Good grief, I ought to know about broken arms. Eraser Eater broke both in a span of nine months and I about had a heart attack. He ran at me with this lightning bolt shaped, limp limb, and I screamed. I almost pooped my pants, actually. I had no clue what to do. I danced around in a circle, completely undecided. I saw a safety pin that I had no idea where it came from (it was the phantom safety pin) and I made a sling, since my son was trying to hold his arm up. He was white as a sheet and just had a wince on his face. He sat in the middle of the floor while I called Dear Sir and screamed and wept.

"Don't cry, Mommy," Eraser Eater said softly, "Am I gonna die?"
I was twisting myself around like I had to pee, I was so antsy. I had no car.
"We can set it ourselves," the Oldest said, "I read it in the medical manual. We can handle it, Mom."

This all flashed before my eyes. This lady was top notch though. She could handle stuff. She calmly asked her child if he could grab her finger, etc. I took a few looks at his arm and I said, "I really think he broke it. I would take him to the hospital." When she would touch his elbow he would flip out.

My Girl went to the very middle of the pumpkin patch, sat down, put her head on a pumpkin, and wept.

This isn't the first time she has seen an action of hers start up a result like this. I realize that it is not her fault, any of the kids could have tagged the boy. I see that. She just probably has a complex by now, gee whiz. You see, when Eraser Eater broke his arm the second time, she is the one who gave him the shove off the piano bench. Yes, I did say a piano bench. She was probably, I don't know, three? And she remembers it well.

So I went to bed last night dreaming of broken arms, in-shock-pale faces, and x-rays.


Avery Gray said...

How traumatic for her! Poor thing! I'm sure the boy will be fine, but it's good that she's so empathetic. Your girl sounds as sensitive as my little boy. I hope she's better today!

Jennifer said...

Ack! What a trauma for your little girl, and for you too, mom. I hope the little boy is okay. I'm sure he will be. Little bones heal quickly.

Ba Doozer said...

That is sad she has these things come on her...taking on a burden that was entirely an accident! I hope she will be ok

Emma Sometimes said...

poor sweetie with a tender heart. I hope she knows that the boy will be okay.

Do you have Evil Knievel Piano Lessons at your house? :o)

Jim said...

some of our happiest moments involve broken arms. Will trying to jump a skate board on his scooter.Surprise! the skate board moved.

I broke my arm, "delicate" hairline fracture playing roller hockey. Snapped at Bets for suggesting to the Doc a milder painkiller. Called her an "amateur physician."

R said...

Avery---Thanks, she is a lot better!

Jen--the bones were set last night. I have yet to get an update, but you are right, they do heal quickly.

Doozie--she is feeling better. She is sensitive, but also pretty tough too. She feels so bad for the boy, but as funny as this sounds, the boy said at the ER that he still wants to play freeze tag on bales of hay next year.

Emma---Thanks. Pretty much. Everyone gets a little shove off the piano bench from time to time. Keeps the spirits high.

Jim--Isn't that the truth? Bets always knows better, what you talking about Willis?