Watching Kids

I am watching a friend's kids today. Boy are they funny. There are a total of three boys here and three girls here. The boys are on the Game Cube and hollering and freaking out. The girls are in the Girl's room and listening to music. My friend's oldest girl is obsessed with some Disney punk band (who really sucks but I won't tell her that). I thought I would expose her to a little Eisley and she listened for 2.2 seconds and shrugged her shoulders. This girl is ten and a half. Is this what I get to look forward to? I tried to talk to her some but then she started going on and on about a game and I had no idea what she was talking about. I am sure she is a nice girl, but it was pretty funny how she kept going about something and using words and names for things and I had NO FLIPPING CLUE. I just nodded my head and then made an excuse to exit the premises. Her nails are an inch long and she kept utilizing them to make points in her soliloquy. All the while she was smacking her pink bubble gum and never pausing at all to take a breath. I keep trying to imagine what I was like when I was ten.

So, I am here you know, chillin'.


Carolanne said...

Being here chlllin' is probably the best thing to do. I can just picture that 10 yr old girl yabbering on and on - isn't she in a movie or something? :)

Sounds typical - boys on Game Cube, girls in girl's room listening to music.

shealyisnottheantichrist said...

I would bet that your life was very different from hers at ten. She sounds like she could draw a crowd at a laundromat and keep them mesmerized for hours.