I got sick from the neighbor girl who lied when I asked her if she was sick when she was playing here.

So I wasn't really sick this morning, and now I am. I ran six miles this morning (again) thinking that I would beat this sucker in the butt. I feel good, I am not tired, but my nose is on a continual race. It is already red and disgusting, my face is all splotchy, and what the heck, I just feel like dying because I hate being sick.

I think I am going to go see Molly tomorrow night up in D.C.

The Oldest, this afternoon: "Mom! You look horrible!"

I just broke one of my china saucers.

I shouldn't be allowed to do the dishes. Ever. I am the worst dropper of things. I am always dropping stuff. Do you guys drop stuff? I broke a bowl last week. I had to buy new dishes.

Have a good night.


Mrs. Sinta said...

I am very sorry that you are sick. I use white Corelle. It is almost impossible to break. Are you going to see Molly, like and have coffee with this person like a friend, or did you mean you are going to a performance? She looks really famous and talented.

Avery Gray said...

Yes, I break things. That's why most of our dishes are plastic. Well, that, and we have a 4-yr-old, so it just makes sense.

Sorry you're not feeling well!

R said...

Mrs.Sinta---she is talented, this Molly. She sounds exactly like Sarah Masen (the Christian singer), who Dear Sir and I enjoy. She is also a friend of mine from the church we used to go to (and attend scantily because of distance) in D.C. I am going to take a friend from my area up tonight (hopefully if I am not too ill) and go and watch dear Molly perform. Molly is also one of the worship leaders at the church in D.C. I enjoyed a wonderful worship service when she was singing. I could actually focus on God! Wonder of wonders!!

Avery Gray---I have some plastic dishes too that I use quite frequently. I just took out my beautiful china tea set for the kids and I to splurge and have a sort of "homeschool tea break" since I was feeling rotten, and frankly, I was afraid that maybe my kids would be a danger to the set. They were so gentle with it and so honored that I would use it with them. They were so excited. Then here I go and break a saucer!! God consistently shows me what a moron I am (I say this in jest) and I truly love it. I need to look at mundane and sometimes depressing things and have a laugh at myself when I perform them. Sometimes it is the only way to move on!

I am glad to hear that I am not the only clumsy person in this world. In the act of clumsiness, I feel so utterly alone. LOL.