Not much going on here. Well, I have been a bit busy---too busy for blogging, that is.

I did tell my kids yesterday that I have an old friend who, when we grew up, had a pool in her backyard. The Girl was curious to know what she was like, what she said when she first saw me, etc., etc. The Oldest, upon hearing that she had a pool, said, "I would have told her, 'be my friend or I will punch you!'" so then I had a good laugh at that. Of course in his true fashion he finished the whole scene by saying, "What? Was that funny?"

Speaking of laughing, I have many friends that I am so thankful that I can laugh with. Usually these days it is over the phone, but when I went back to ID recently for a somber occasion I was in much need of some relief. My dear friend L. and I went to another friend's house, had a glass of red wine, and talked about stuff. I tell you, L. had me laughing, and I mean, laughing my sides off. She made this comment (I will not bore you with the details, but it was just so true and no one else would get it anyway---one of those things) that just had me roaring. She reminded me during our phone conversation today that she apparently had me laughing so hard I said in my torturous glee, "I am giving birth!"

That was sort of like being tickled until it hurts. Complete torture from one comment. One of the most perceptive comments I have ever encountered, by the way, for the subject at hand. I am not sure how I peeled myself off the floor because I was literally on it.

I better go bake my pizza. I lack good cooking planning lately due to, I don't know, carelessness or something.

Have a good night and tally-o.


~Jennifer said...

I love those moments with good friends. I'm glad you were able to steal away for some laughter during your trip back to ID.

Citizen said...

It's tally-ho.

Ba Doozie said...

are you sure you didnt wet your pants at that time? it's ok, you can tell us, we won't laugh

The Woman said...

Laughter is good.

KingJaymz said...

"it's ok, you can tell us, we won't laugh"

Come now, Doozer, don't make promises for us that I can't keep.

Those good hard laughs brought on by the best of friends are one of the mystical things that make up the essence of a moment of pure joy. There's just something so wonderful about it that defies explanation.

Dapoppins said...

Good friends promote great laughter.

Carolanne said...

Needing to laugh and being able to with good friends is so much fun. We all need friends who we can laugh with even (especially) in the somber moments.