Let Your Yes Be Yes

My girl is always at a loss at what to do with herself. When she asks me, I tell her "organize your room." She openly weeps at the thought.

She just now asked Eraser Eater what she should do with herself, she could not think of what to do. She is bored. Eraser Eater said, "anything?"

"Anything, except organizing my room," she whined.

"Alright," Eraser Eater perked up, "Go running through the streets naked and pee your pants."

She wept. "That is not what I want to do!"

"You said anything except organizing your room! There! Even the Bible says not to go back on your word! Better get naked!"

She cried.

Good grief, they take anything I say and magnify it to ridiculousness. Yesterday I caught the Oldest going back on his word with Eraser Eater. We were on our way to the pool and he had promised the eraser eating freak the use of his snorkel. I told my fine feathered oldest boy that it is not right to go back on your word, you need to let your "yes be yes and your no be no."

A lot of good that did me, huh? That is just another way of saying get yourself into a trap.

So, I had to promptly tell Eraser Eater that things need to be reasonable for that to apply.

Last night I was reading a book by Flannery O'Connor called The Violent Bear It Away and it literally had me laughing so hard I was wiping tears from my eyes with a tissue. I could not stop. I had a belly ache after a spell and found it hard to read on, it was so humorous. If you don't mind getting depressed, shocked but humored all at the same time, give it a whirl. Maybe I will type out an excerpt tomorrow if I feel so inclined.


~Jennifer said...

I'm set up for books for quite a long while, but I'll await your excerpt. (The link took me to a page not found.)

Emma Sometimes said...

Yeah, swearing to your own hurt except when public nudity is in question. I can handle that..hehe. That's too funny.

I've heard of Flannery O'Connor but haven't read anything. Depressed, shocked and humored. Hmmm, I'm interested.

R said...

Sorry, Jennifer, I fixed it.

Yes, Emma, it is very intriguing. I think you would like it. She has dedicated all her writing to the theme of grace and it is interesting looking at it all in that light. She wrote a short story called "A Good Man is Hard to Find" and it is sort of shocking. Very thought provoking too. To my utter amazement this is the short story she would choose to read publicly. She was a Christian (a Catholic) and very outspoken about it. You sort of would not know it by her writing itself, it reminds me in parts of Faulkner when he is not being vague, but when you do know, it sort of all makes sense. Give her a try.

KingJaymz said...

Your kids are hilarious! I know that you have a different perspective on them because you live with them and raise them, but they make me bust a gut with the hilarious things they say. Are they like that naturally, or do they have good mentors in you and Dear Sir?

Dapoppins said...

...excerpt please. (also, if you saw the colors of my Grandma's rooms, steped up that yellow stairway into that orange bedroom. I don't think you would like them. Really. Trust me on this.)

The Woman said...

I have to watch what I say to The Kid. She is a VERY literal person.

The girl child will laugh about all of this one day. Maybe. :o)

R said...

Jared---I have no idea why they are so funny. They read a lot and come up with interesting thing son their own. Plus, Dear Sir and I are a bit strange.

Dapoppins--Put one up just a minute ago. Maybe I would hate the paint colors, who knows. I like strange colors though.

Woman--I understand the literal thinking. Does the kid understand jokes? The Oldest totally doesn't. I do hope she laughs about it one day. She is a very intense girl and so very intelligent. You are doing a superb job with her. The stuff she says and comes up with alone is evidence!