You know, I am not a bad cook. I have never been a bad cook, actually, ever. I used to love to do it, actually. Now I just hate it. I think I hate it because I know that no one really relishes the food I ever make even when it is good.

I have sat here for years making stuff I don't like to eat because the kids and Dear Sir simply like simple food. No sauces, no weird stuff. Salt and pepper, plain Jane.

I worry about fat so I try to make things that are less fat.

I try to leave out raw stuff because I can't eat it.

That leaves hamburgers, hot dogs, grilled chicken breasts, chicken, pork chops, and sausage. I almost try to grill year round. Even the basic things that are BASIC like a beef roast Dear Sir rolls his eyes and picks at it.

I love cooking shows because it is like food porn to me. The stuff I dare not see because I can not have it.

I am pathetic.

Now, back to cooking the grub.


~Jennifer said...

Aw, I'm sorry. You could come visit and cook for me. I love good food! :-)

I'm making white chicken chili tonight. Yum.

The Woman said...

I feel ya sista!

shealyisnottheantichrist said...

Funny, I have been putting my own cooking notebook together for the last two days and WISHING that I was as good a cook as R was!! You are frustrated because you married into the "W" family. My husband eats the same way. Here is something that might help: when I get really sick of eating the same things, I invite a bunch of women over for brunch and fix a wider variety of food and try new things. They are very complimentary, and I get it out of my system for a little while.