Eat This

Ok, so I complained a bit. Sorry about that. I feel guilty. But I still have rant in me, believe it or not.

It is just sort of like pulling out that same piece of gum though, day by day and chewing on it---being expected to enjoy it. I had had it once I pulled out those same chicken breasts I always buy. I thought that I would be daring and put teriyaki sauce on them. Then I made some pasta (only three people in my fam will eat that happily) and went all Italian all in the same meal, and put some basil, romano cheese, garlic salt, and tomatoes in it. You can probably guess how many people ate that. I have left overs.

I guess some day I will just tire of the whole thing and make enchiladas. The Oldest would eat it, and of course, I would eat it, but no one else would. Dear Sir would shove it to the side or not even sit down and say, "Guess I'm having a bowl of popcorn!"

I hardly ever get angry for too long, but I am still a bit peeved by this. I think it is because I am still expected to make meals when I just realize I am only warming things up, putting the crap on plates, and getting people drinks. I am the kitchen version of Vanna White. Back and forth, getting napkins, grabbing condiments, placing forks on the table. I know, I know, the kids do help. But what do I have to do? Cook, you say? No, I don't cook. I get things hot or warm. I make wonderful green beans, straight from the freezer. I make delightful pasta, straight from the box. I even get all generous and sprinkle a bit of salt and drizzle a little olive oil on it. I cut potatoes in half, put them on a cookie sheet spread with olive oil and salt and then bake them. I put chicken wings or breasts on the grill and put KC Masterpiece on them.

I am a great cook, I say, but I don't do it. Ever.

Ok, that felt better. I am not going to say that my kids are the problem either. They are not. I know that I must be part of it. I mean, I can make kids eat anything. I can. I am pretty good at that. I just won't SAY who I can't make eat anything. Process of elimination. And it is not me.

My friend L. told me the other day that she has been eating so well lately. She said to me, "Rachel, Um, please excuse my description, I know this might hurt your feelings but, I eat an avocado and tomato sandwich nearly every day."

Good grief, the picture in my mind of the food she was describing was too much for me to bear. I was so jealous. An avocado about now would kill me, I have no resistance to it.

So I have a picky man who eats the plainest of things and then I have me, who can only eat a few raw things and that is it.

I admit that this past weekend I was a bit upset because Dear Sir ate eggs at a breakfast we went to for the wedding. "You will eat her eggs, and you won't eat mine!" I said when we were walking to the car.

"The thing is, Rachel, I don't have to eat your eggs."

I could have slugged him.

I make really good eggs.

I really wanted to bite him, I was a little mad, but then again, he is raw and I would have probably had an allergic reaction.


~Jennifer said...

I have the perfect solution! Start having dinner parties. You can cook fabulous foods and your guests will rave. This will MAYBE have the effect of piquing Dear Sir's curiosity, maybe not. Either way, you get to do something new in the kitchen and receive a little praise and appreciation for it, plus eat something REALLY good once in a while. MAYBE Dear Sir will even experience a little positive peer pressure and broaden his palate a bit.

Dapoppins said...

I will come to your dinner party. I paromise to eat everything. (but bugs. No deep fried bugs, please.)

My husband is also picky, but, hunger will force him to eat things he would normally not eat. However, no amount of white cream sause will get him to eat fish. I guess that is okay. I am not a great cook and I would probablly ruin fish.

The Woman said...

There is a reason for take outs...

Shealyisnottheantichrist said...

You are younger and better looking and more intelligent than Vanna. Just remember though, serving is a privilege in the kingdom of God because when you serve even the hardest to please of people, you are really serving Him. He rewards.

Ba Doozie said...

he might enjoy you biting him and want you to do it all the time.

Anne said...

Wow. I make pretty much what I want and the people in my house have to eat it and be happy or starve.

Carolanne said...

My husband loves my cooking but I get bored with it too easily. My 14.5 year old son has taken on the cooking mantle and like me, he likes variety in his food so I am happy for him to cook. I don't like to eat the same thing day in, day out and will always eat someone else's cooking. :)

R said...

Jennifer--good idea.

Dapoppins---Dear Sir likes fish!

Woman---I know how you hate to cook!

Shealy--You are way too kind to me.

Badoozie--you freak.

Anne--you are awesome.

Carolanne--I can't wait to teach my kids how to really cook. Kudos to you.