Un-Sated Four Day Streak

I have been constantly hungry. I don't know what the deal is, but I have been eating so much food that my belly has literally taken the form of a pregnant woman. I probably have a worm. I started lifting slight weights though. That can't be it. Could it? Naw...it has only been a couple of hard workout days. Nothing major. Tonight for dinner: a small croissant sandwich, a bowl of chili, a handful of tortilla chips, two slices of mango, a few bbq chips, a big hunk of French bread, half of a truffle, and an ice cream sandwich. That's a lot, people. A lot. I am not even going to get on that scale either, man. And you can't make me. Ha ha. The sad thing is that I only ran three miles today because I was too dang lazy, finally got myself on the treadmill way too late, and then ran out of time. I could only pull off three miles like the moron I am.

Listen to my stupid words of wisdom that I used today. I am useless:

I was at co-op today and a mother offered me a pirouette. You know those things that are long and stick like that you dip in coffee? She said, "Want one? They are low in calories. Just some thin, crispy cookie with chocolate filling..."

Here is my stupid quotable, as I grab one from her tin, "Calories, schmalories."

She looks at me up and down. "Well you are a lot smaller than me." Just smack me, ok? Just smack me. I deserve it.

"I run a lot," I said, popping the last of the dealy in my mouth. I shrugged my shoulders.

"Oh gee, I know. I run here and there, up and down the stairs, this way and that, and you would think I would be smaller!!"

"Yeah. Well, I am just an exercise freak," I said, making a sour face. I was hoping that it would add a little "poo-poo" to the whole idea.

"You mean you run run. Oh, I get it."

Calories, schmalories. Whatever that was. Like I don't care about that? What, am I nuts? I just ate half the contents of my flipping refrigerator and I say calories, schmalories? What kind of idiotic thing is that? I am a pig. A good for nothing pig that is going to eat the rest of the refrigerator right now. Excuse me.


Groovy Mom said...

It's the time of year I tell ya. I'm making up for lack of sunlight by grazing through my pantry every day. I did just get off my treadmill, though. Hopefully, a daily dose of that instead will help.

Anonymous said...

A pig would have eaten the whole truffle. ;o)

R said...

Lisa, for some reason that totally struck me funny. You crack me up! I am literally laughing into the brisk Virginia housed-in air.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, what is it with this time of year? I've also been foraging for edibles of all kinds, stuffing myself silly. I ate a fistful of Oreos the other day, and I don't even like Oreos - they were just there. I guess that's the problem, stuff is just there this time of year.

By the way, I fulfilled my promise to you over at my place, if you're at all interested.