Tonight is Family Fun Night. Yeah, we do it over here. No, we are not Mormons and we don't think "family is forever." At least in the Mormon context. We just have Family Fun Night. They eat popcorn, the Girl gets out all the pillows and the blankets in the house, and they even move the coffee table. Dear Sir and I sit on the couch and keep each other warm. And Dear Sir eats popcorn. I don't. Huh. Apparently I make the best too. {cough, cough}

I usually make some sort of make-shift dinner (lately we have a lot of those), and then we watch a movie we are all dying to see. Well, sort of. Remember this one? I am prepared to be disappointed because I watched it so many times as a kid, the memory is just fine. It happens whenever I watch a movie like that as an adult--- it really lacks any goodness. The graphics are probably terrible (if there are any), and I just shudder to think what could be in it that I don't remember. But whatever. It is a weird movie.

And for a future FFN I got E.T. Get prepared to get your jaw off the floor when I say this: Dear Sir has never seen it. I know. What is up with that? And how could he even have memories of Drew Barrymore without seeing that one? Gee whiz.

I was so frightened of E.T. when I was a kid (I saw it at the drive-in) that my older brother used to have his friends call the house, have me answer it, and when I would hear "E.T. phone home!" I would drop the phone and run screaming to my room. Wicked, wicked, boy. I always thought his head looked sort of like a Tootsie Roll though. Why did I get that movie, I am going to have nightmares. Idiot.


Groovy Mom said...

Well, I was in high school when The Neverending Story first came out, and I remember it being pretty good. Your kids will love it!

shealyisnottheantichrist said...

I did not think ET was scary at all. I thought it was shallow, insipid and stupid. They will love it.

Emma Sometimes said...

Your brother did that? Oh, that's funny. I just remembered for years the name the oldest brother called the main character at dinner. "..breath". I was so shocked after I HAD to ask what that word meant.

PS. You made my day today. :)

Anonymous said...

Psst... I've never seen ET either. Only clips! LOL

I have, however, seen The Neverending Story. It's a winner. Just don't watch any of the sequels. ;o)

Avery Gray said...

I LOVED The Neverending Story. Watched it over and over as a kid.

I think I might buy it on DVD. Ethan needs to get hooked on it.

And ET is a good one, too. I think your perception of it will be a little different this time around. I watched it a couple years ago. It seemed a little cheesy that time.

Anonymous said...

Your FFN sounds like a lot of fun. It sounds safer than our FPN, which is "family prank night"

Carolanne said...

FFN sounds like a great idea.

I've seen Never Ending Story but not ET either.

So were you disappointed by the Never Ending Story now that you're an adult?

Natalie said...

we recently tried to our own version of FFN, although, only having a three year old made it consist of playing CandyLand over and over and then watching Rescue Heroes... bleh!

maybe soon he'll be ready for some more "interesting activities" like at your house! ;)

Anonymous said...

Ah, when you get to be our age, every night is FFN! :-) I took gjh to see ET at the drive-in, also. Unfortunately, they started the film too early before it was really dark enough. I didn't see the beginning of that movie until I saw it on TV years later.

I liked The Never Ending Story, even though I was an adult with kids when it came out. And hey, the big rock guy with the tricycle was pretty scary - scarier than ET, at least.

Leslee said...

FFN is something we only do on occasion. We should do it more often.

Dapoppins said...

I bawled my head off at ET and told my mom we need to keep the evil Government away from the cute aliens.