This Bird Has Flown

My daughter is nuts. I don't realize it until I see her in action at times, but she literally is NUTS. She will sometimes holler to me from the back seat of the car and ask me to look at her. Oftentimes she will be making some frozen creepy face followed by a cackling laugh.

She just approached me and asked me for breakfast in her whinniest voice, then I said, "You know I don't respond to that," as I got up to heat up her pancakes.

She laughed heartily, did a dance and said, "But you are responding!" Her laugh was so full of glee I took the fork in my hand and stabbed her in the belly with it. It just made her laugh harder and triumphantly dance around in a circle. I was responding. She is smarter than me.

"When I watched {the Oldest} play his game on the gameboy I said, 'the elves are invading!'"
She leaned around, danced a bit, froze, then moved, and sat down to eat her pancakes drizzled with Log Cabin syrup. She set her hands about six inches above the steam and gave me a peculiar look.

"You're a weirdo," I said.

"YES," she said through gritted teeth.


Groovy Mom said...

She sounds delightful and smart too!

Avery Gray said...

You'd be a weirdo, too, if your mom stabbed you in the soft underbelly with a fork! Golly.

Emma Sometimes said...

She sounds like mom. Very smart :)

Mrs. Sinta said...

Didn't the Manson family stab people in the belly with forks?

Anonymous said...

Aunt Jemima. Sugar-free.

R said...

Groovy Mom--- thank you!

Avery---yeah, I guess I would. But she needed it.

Emma---you are so nice.

Mrs. Sinta---maybe. Not sure. Maybe like Bono said: "Charles Manson stole {Helter Skelter} from the Beatles...we're stealing it back..."
Maybe I am stealing fork stabbing back. It is a great pasttime.

Anonymous said...

I love weirdo kids!

I plan on cutting my boys pancakes into the little squares for him well into adulthood. It's just something I like to do.