Me Embarrassed

Now that I have scared about five people, I can freely say that I have no intention of not blogging, it was a total joke. I have been running around getting school started, picking up my guitar from the shop (AGAIN!) and all that stuff.

I should be doing school right now, but I am only schooling the Oldest and the Girl minimally today because Eraser Eater is sick. Yesterday he really came down with it and said he was going to barf. Of course, this is not even a barfing sickness; he just gets headaches and barfs with them. It is entirely sad. So--he sat on the couch and waited for dinner, but fell asleep before it was ready. I had given him medicine so I suppose it kicked in. Poor kid.

Yesterday a guy (an employee) tried to "pick me up" at Guitar Center by telling me that he was getting a tattoo of a poem by Edgar Allan Poe on his back. I think he was trying to convince me that he was into literature and he was a romantic, like Poe. I had the Girl with me but he didn't care---he stuck to me and the guitar repairman like a leech. I was trying to tell him that perhaps he would regret his decision to ink his body with a poem as I thoroughly imagined his body, cold, dead and in a coffin with "A Dream Within a Dream" drilled on his back. It was an ugly sight.

I always have this plight when going there. I get rosy cheeked and embarrassed because I know that I am going to be unashamedly hit on. Those musicians tell you like they see it---I am serious. I think a good security would be to have kids with me, but it really doesn't matter. I thought that when I turned thirty perhaps the number itself would be plastered to my forehead from now on, but no one has any idea.

So---if you are a lady and want to feel young, walk into a Guitar shop with your guitar, and they crawl all over you for some reason.


shealyisnottheantichrist said...

Luckily, we have two main guitar stores. One that is poorly run and peopled by Satanists, and one that is well run and peopled by nice older guys who are very concerned about customer service. They are like older than me, and I am 47. They freely give their opinion on things like the deli next door etc., but have yet to touch on tattoos. Even Mr. Sinta likes them.

Avery Gray said...

I'll remember that the next time I'm jonesing for an ego boost. Thanks for the tip! ;o)

Jennifer said...

Guitar shop, eh? It's been years since I've been in one of those. I get the same experience when I go sing karaoke. Of course, alcohol is served in that establishment, and that's sorta cheating, isn't it? Oh well, we old 40 year old broads will get our ego boosts wherever they are to be had. ;-)

R said...

Shealy---Satanists always play guitar. It is required.

Avery---You're welcome for the tip. It comes in handy.

Jennifer---I have never sang karaoke. Ever. I should try it sometime.

Jennifer said...

Until a few months ago, neither had I. It was one of my life goals. I aim high, huh? ;-)

R said...

It is not really a goal of mine, but I should make it one! I usually sing in front of people and people know that I sing already, so it is not like I ever go up with people having no expectations. Funny. I should try it and see what happens.

I did an open mic with a friend and sang a Sara Mc. song (Possession) and it went over very well. Uproars of applause for my friend and I. Tons of fun. I guess that is kind of like karaoke.

I sang Moon River one time too at a bar because my friends dared me to do it. The guy doing music that night played for me (the old stand by) and the whole place stood still. It was a pretty surreal experience. I will never forget that. I was really struggling with self-worth and weight and all that stuff at that time and it helped me feel a little better.