The Space in My Brain Where Politics Goes is Empty

Ah! I just calculated and I have accomplished 210 miles since August 18, when I finished up my first thirty miles per week. No wonder I am tired every night! It really is nice to be tired so I can have good sleep. I don't jolt awake any longer worried about whether I left the grill on or not. That is a soothing thought.

Well, I've got nothin'.

Did I tell you all that as I was singing and playing guitar the other day the Girl came in with a paper held up above her head that said, "I vote for you!"

Pretty cool, huh? And she doesn't even watch American Idol. It is just in our brains to want to vote for someone, I guess.

I think I would only vote for John McCain because he winked at me when I walked by him in the Capitol building. But I don't put my heart in voting because I just let Dear Sir tell me who to vote for. It is much like how I feel about sports. If he likes Notre Dame, I will like them because I don't know what anything else is. And, I am not quite a feminist, although I appreciate what some feminism has accomplished, but pretty much think it terrible and the cause of many of our problems with society today. I do, however, like the fact that I can "let" Dear Sir vote for me. :) I was raised, as Dear Sir kindly pointed out one night, with little care for sports, news, or politics. I swear, if a good teacher in high school had not pointed out the beauty of Thomas Hardy's works, I would not be a literature freak as I am today. It is just too darned bad that I never knew that "V" is for "victory" and Nixon was not really holding up the peace sign. You learn something new every day.


Anonymous said...

I'm not sure who I'm going to vote for...but Pedro looks like a good prospect. Although I am also partial to Rex Lumberg

shealyisnottheantichrist said...

You are unique and wonderful, but it is not because the space in your brain where politics goes is empty. That is true of most Americans. You are unique and wonderful in that you recognize it, and move on to more important things, like Thomas Hardy.

Mr. Sinta and I generally cancel out one another's votes, but we scream, yell and generally make fools of ourselves for the same football team.

I am probably the only person in Idaho who is glad that Larry Craig is back in D.C. Mostly it is probably because I was sick of seeing the self righteous, self- appointed, Christian local political spokespeople call for his resignation without even giving him a chance to defend himself. God have mercy if their lives are ever examined under the microscope.

God, I prayed, let him stay in. Of
course, Mr. Sinta probably wants him out. Oh well.

Carolanne said...

Well I'm with the Girl - I vote for you!

I know nothing about American politics. Well next to nothing - nothing worth mentionning anyway.

As for Australian politics, I know a bit more but that's all.

Literature is so much more important and valuable - how else would we escape... I mean, learn? :)

~Jennifer said...

Can you send me your email address?

R said...

Jennifer---you can reach me at wessexcathedral@gmail.com

I've missed you!!!!

Anne said...

I thought it was the peace sign too. Oh well.