Have Mercy

Here is a song of mine for you to listen to. It is all rough and everything---and you can't understand my words too well, but anyhow, I am working on that!!! :)


August said...

Ok girl. First of all, you look beatiful. You and your guitar sound amazing!!!! You are way better than me. Thanks for sharing this!

Don't you love how holding the guitar really makes your biceps and triceps look so good? That's a huge reason I like to play in front of people, I'm like "Yah, as you listen.. check out my guns..." haha. Ok, I don't really say it, but I might be thinking it a little ;)

Anonymous said...

when I hold a guitar, all people can think of is "kimono arms

good job, hope you get it finished!

R said...

Finishing it would be to figure out garage band and enunciate more! Ha ha!



Carolanne said...

I love it! I like the words too - the ones I can hear. Seriously - it's good!

Anne said...

Okay, I'm EXTREMELY impressed. I listened/watched serveral of your videos - are all these originals? I would LOVE to work with you - you are awesome! Wish you were in Kentucky.

How do you do this video thing on the computer? I'm so behind.

P.S. I'm supposing you do this after the "crazies" go to bed?

R said...

Carolanne---Thanks. Did you notice my hair issue? LOL.

Anne---That is a compliment coming from you!!! I would love to do anything with you---we would be the next indigo girls or judds or something---way cool.

Yes, all the songs with me just sitting down are originals. I have a lot more, I just don't have an outlet.

I have a Mac, so it has a camera built in the computer. It is easy in that sense, for a dope like me, but there is even more one can do with this thing and I have only figured out this primitive sort of setting! Dear Sir has a lot to work on and very little time, but I heard last night he will try to do more spicing up or figuring out.

As far as if you don't have a Mac, I have no earthly idea how you would hook up a camera and whatnot. I have issues with electronics. Dear Sir was impressed I finally figured out how to put a YouTube video on my blog. Now, I am that bad.

No, I actually did all this when the kids were up in their rooms playing/reading. I think perhaps during some of these my daughter was sitting on the floor promising to be quiet. She did a good job!

The day before yesterday I was sitting down on my bed playing and singing a song she loves, and so she came into the room with her notebook held up high for me to see what she had written: "I VOTE FOR YOU!"

I had a good laugh at that.

R said...

August---For some reason I thought I replied to you already! First of all, thank you for your compliment! Initially I ran upstairs thinking before I "filmed" this: "I guess I better put on a little make-up!" Ha ha.

I doubt I am way better than you, my friend. I have only been playing guitar for 2.3 years.

I never knew that one could gain "guns" from running. Can you tell me how exactly that works? LOL! I don't do push ups or anything, although I used to and I should! Do you do all that junk? Does it help you with running? Am I asking too many questions now?

Anonymous said...

kimono arms, are when you hold up your arm, and the underside of your upper arms swings about...loosely....I hate it..something for you to look forward to...lol

Carolanne said...

Yes, I did notice your hair issue - I'm glad I did since I was supposed to. LOL

August said...

Hey there... I'm sneaking some computer time in while i'm on vacation.

Yah, you don't get the guns from running... just from weights but the running helps lose the weight off the arms to help show off any muscle there. I have a ways to go.

I think I've been playing as long as you. I'm still working on writing my own stuff... it's hard to find time. How did you figure out how to write the music and lyrics? I need tips.. please do share them ;)

R said...

August---Glad you stopped by!!! :) Yeah, I figured as much about the arms. I had some good tone there left over from handling heavy kids over and over, so that helped, I am sure. And then I have lost a lot in my arms a couple years ago when I finished off the baby weight. It took me forever to lose it all. Argh. Other than that, swinging back and forth is the only thing I get about now---and lifting heavy oils when I make soap! LOL!!!

I have been writing music and lyrics since I was a little girl. When my family would drive to church we drove an hour each way (at least) and I had nothing to do but to imagine songs in my head (I was a singer then too). I did not play an instrument, but everything was orchestrated. If I knew music theory (I can read music barely) I would be in great shape. I would be able to score lots of stuff and it would be impressive. But hey, it is all trapped in my head.

A lot of the tunes I have for some of my songs are tunes made up from when I was a kid---I put more mature lyrics in. As a Christian, I get most of my inspiration from the Bible--I find a phrase I like and then build on it. If I don't have a tune, they just come to me. It is a new thing to write a song on the guitar!!! I have only done that a few times now.

I actually used to write some songs on the piano, believe it or not. I can play a little by ear, and I would find little chords that fit what was in my head and then I would have a nice tune. We had an old gross piano around the house when I was younger for a series of years, and then I did not have one for a long time until my Oldest started taking piano lessons. At that time I started writing more on the piano until I took up the guitar.

I have a few instrumentals that I should figure out on guitar and put lyrics to. To find the time is hard. It takes some concentration. That song called "Enough is Enough" took me about five minutes to write the lyrics to because it was something I was feeling at the time, and that always helps you out! The tune was from the tenth grade and the lyrics to it were a tad silly.

I can't remember writing "Have Mercy" at all. I think I was thinking liturgically, and therefore call it my Catholic song. LOL.

If you have any more in depth questions about how to go about writing, let me know. I can try to see what it is I think as I am doing it.

I suggest finding chords that you like the sound of together and going from there. I like to have lyrics already in place or semi in place and then build them somewhat around the chords I enjoy. A song will form itself in that way. Leave out some words if they don't fit in a syllable-like manner, and whahlah.

Sometimes Emma said...

Great job, R...(I watched them all!!)

I keep meaning to call you but I always remember TOO LATE. You are 3 hours ahead and I'm thinking at 8pm I'll call you and then...OOPS. Not at 11 your time..hehe.

R said...

Thanks Emma.

I know, I am totally three hours ahead. Call me when you are cooking up dinner or something!

Or maybe I should call you---I have this unlimited calling thing. You can send me your phone number anytime.