It seems like no one on my blogroll is really blogging lately including myself. Some of you have quit too. How depressing.

I haven't felt this huge urge to write much. I have been doing the usual stuff: playing guitar, schooling the kids, making soap, and running.

I fell again yesterday on the same freaking spots I did at the beach. I was carrying a plateful of steak from the grill up the deck steps to the house. I tripped over my own foot. I landed on the same arm, got a bruise on top of my present bruise (that was green), formed two new bruises (one on my calf and one on my forearm), and I further bruised my butt again. Yes, my butt. Again.

I am a perfect mess. I almost cried because something hurt and I wasn't sure what. Maybe my feelings? I thought, Come on. Twice in a week? What is up with me?! Oh yeah, and I also pulled that same toe nail back AGAIN. Bleeding, falling off once it healed finally, I go and dismantle it AGAIN. FREAKING AGAIN!!!! That's why I almost cried. It was like all of the past two months assaults on myself rolled into one giant repeat. REPEAT.

When I walked in whimpering Dear Sir didn't even question me. "I really hurt myself!" I hollered. Did I mention I dropped the steak on the stupid deck and then I had to crawl back to the grill to, I don't know, get the crap off it? Some mystery germs lingering there that maybe a little heat would zap off?

"What happened now?" Dear Sir called from the Mac.

I told him.

"Again?" he said.

"Yeah, again. Don't get up or anything though. I am only in pain."

"What do you want me to do?"

"Oh gee whiz. I don't know. Nothing."


He was probably reading something about John Lennon anyway.

I took the remainder of my evening and put ice on my arm and oh yeah, my thigh that got bruised too.

Lesson: When you don't blog, you are away from the computer more. When you are away from the computer, you are doing something else. And sometimes that something else can cause you to bruise yourself in multiple areas. And sometimes that does not enrich your marriage either.

To get him back, I allowed him to take a nap today. Maybe today when I trip and fall on myself he will be nice about it and I don't know, baby me.


RickCapezza said...

We're blogging all the time. Seriously.

R said...

I know you are blogging! I just read your blog today. Kyrie is looking mighty cute BTW!!!

Anne said...

You silly girl. Sorry you bruised yourself again.

Ems said...

ouch. feel better (blog more!)

I'm back from birthday hiatus...I even feel wiser. (hahha. okay, just kidding)

Anonymous said...

well I think there are worse punishments than allowing someone a nap....is that a bad thing for him?

I have a huge bruise on my thigh and have no idea how it got that bad, I do'nt remember saying "ouch" yesterday, but I think it's from a ladder I was packing that was too big for me to be packing

R said...


Ems---I should blog more. It would help. You are indeed wiser. Look at that grocery post you produced! That is the wisest thing I have seen all week!

Doozie---No, it is not a punishment. It is called killing the man with kindness. When I do kind things for him then he follows me around in a sort of thankful/guilty fashion and it feels kind of good. I did, however, refuse to say "bless you" when he sneezed. That felt most satisfying.

We are so much alike at times. I always have bruises that I have no clue how I got them!!!

Dapoppins said...

The only thing i ever hurt while blogging was my eyes...like now when everything is blurry. But that is normal, right?

Emily said...

I'm kind of a feast or famine blogger. Don't really do the post-every-day thing very well.

Sorry about your mishaps and hope you're recovering nicely!

Carolanne said...

I like your take on "punishment" - kill him with kindness. Very good!

I have 3 more school days to go, then 2 weeks break so I'll hopefully be back to blogging in a big way - or nearly big. Although, depends on the weather, then our son is having his 15th birthday in the middle of that and still can't decide what he wants to do.

But I will blog!

Ems said...

If I told you I'm going to try to make cold-process soap, would you still like me? I found a book I'd forgotten on my shelf. I haven't made soap for about 10 years now...

I don't know which one is easier in an apartment. (you do hot-process, if I remember?)

R said...

Ems--I do still like you. There are benefits to making CP. I just get impatient and I don't want to spend all my day making soap and then I don't feel like waiting for a month to use it!!

They are both about the same as far as environment goes. I mean, the process itself. I double boil my soap and it takes forty minutes to turn into soap that you can use. With cold, you are dealing with lye for a longer period of time, which is more dangerous, but boiling water is dangerous too.

If you ever want any help or something, let me know. Don't you have my email?

Ems said...

I do, but I was here checking to see if you posted...

I'll email you cause I need help. I'd call you too, if you are up to phone calls. Some people don't care for taking that bloggy step, but as you see, I am so shy....

R said...

You can call me---I think I have your email. I can email you my number. See if that works. Or email me yours and I can call you. I have that unlimited calling thing on my land line.

At any rate I will give you my number.