Parent's Day

I forgot to post about Father's Day.

Everyone seems to be posting about it and I completely ignored it. We went to the Professor's sister's house for the festivities and then went home and called the Prof's Dad.

I got the Prof. an Adidas jacket (that is green, mind you---I couldn't help myself), a tie, and a silicon barbecue baster. He made these incredible ribs (with some help from his wife) and now he is Bobby Flay.

He needed a utensil since he got me a knife set for Mother's Day. Yes, a knife set. Doozie would be proud.

The fact is, I really can't stand Mother's or Father's Day. I think that it is silly to have a day where you are celebrated for being a parent and then you don't have to be a parent for the day. But I am sure everyone says that. I remember when Mother's Day hit people behind counters and at various stores and what not kept saying, "Have a happy Mother's Day!"
Not a kid was in sight. "How do you know I am a mother?" I would ask.
"I didn't. I just hope you have a happy Mother's Day," they would say.
"Do I look like a mother?"
"No, actually, you don't, but it is a holiday so I thought I would say happy Mother's Day anyway."

Is it like "Merry Christmas?"
I don't get it. Really, I don't.


Mrs. Sinta said...

I love Mother's Day...this year I took pictures when the girls brought me breakfast in bed because now Aimee is married, and she won't be doing it anymore. Here's my unsolicited advice: enjoy it while you can!

doozie said...

I am indeed proud, the only thing that could make me more proud was if you used one of the knives to stab your mailbox ruining neighbor or someone equally deserving.

Fathers day holds no credence with me. I have neither a decent father to celebrate, nor is there one in the home. Carry on

Uncle Joe said...

doozie could join the circus with her knife throwing act.

Anne said...

That's like saying happy birthday.

thislittlepiggy said...

I don't get it either.

I'm a Grandma now.

"Elle" is for Lisa.

Dapoppins said...

Not like Christmas. But it is nice that people make an effort to be nice, even if they could just say, "Have a nice day..."