Braces and Working

I am finally getting used to the braces. By next week I will be going back to the ortho and they will put in heavier wiring in addition to pulling things tighter. So, once you get used to it all, you are back to the pain game. The freaky thing is that my teeth are all loose, so it feels sort of strange that I can jolt my molars and whatnot around with my tongue.

I have been chewing gum like a mad woman (the acceptable sugarless kind) so I do not experience severe halitosis like Shealy warned. So far it has been going well. Except you find all manner of people who enjoy the lingering smell of watermelon or blueberry so much that they ask you if you have a spare stick. Last night one of my co-workers (she is a teenager) asked me for a piece of my fabulous smelling gum. For some reason I have no issues saying no or ordering her around since she at times has no idea what she is doing. I did give her a piece eventually though.

Another associate approached us as we were labeling merchandise and started speaking German to the teenager. They both started off in their language, waving their arms about.

"Hey," I said, "To speak another language that you know another associate does not speak is forbidden."

They looked at me with wide eyes. "Diversity training," I said, "remember?"

The intruding associate walked off.

"She was just telling me that I had dirt all over my {rear end}," the teenager said.


Lyssa said...

Two summers ago I worked at a burger joint where the employees and owners spoke Greek and Spanish. I think they hired me only because they thought (go figure) that I spoke Spanish, too. Surprise! I don't. So I had a lovely summer getting cursed at in foreign languages because I didn't know what the Greek for "toss me that bag of hamburger buns" was.

SprinklerBandit said...

I love diversity training turned on it's head. Neatly done.

Sorry about the braces. I always hated mine, but it turned out well.

thislittlepiggy said...


doozie said...

She can just the same tell her about the dirt in plain english. Geez

I have a recurring dream where all my teeth keep just falling out in my hands, and I put them back, only for them to fall out again. It's horrifying

Mrs. Sinta said...

What a hysterical ending!