Yesterday was not a good day. I can, however, look at it now and laugh at it.

Right when I was doing a little recording Eraser Eater was moaning about on the couch saying that his "thigh" hurt. It is not uncommon for the boy to whine about nothing just for the sake of attention and his apparent love of crying. {he has actually admitted that he loves to cry} I had no tolerance for it. Finally, after more and more whining, I went to him to see what was the matter. Apparently he was experiencing pain in his abdomen/groin area, not his thigh. He was refusing to walk or stand up straight; he would crawl around if he was not on the love seat drawing his designs. He also cried out a little when I pressed on the area with my hand.

At some point during the day the Professor called. "Oh yeah," I said, "{Eraser Eater} says that his abdomen hurts."
The Professor was very concerned. He wondered why I wasn't. "I don't know why you are so non-challant about this, Rach," he said. To be honest, I had not hydrated myself properly and my back hurt, so I was not in the mood to deal with Eraser Eater's issues. I figured if it were his appendix, the pain would be on the other side and he would be screaming. I had the Oldest pour him a glass of water. The Professor insisted that I call the doctor before I had to go to work later that night.

So I did.

And I got him in.

And they thought maybe it was a hernia and he needed an ultrasound the next day.

So they scheduled one and I went home and made dinner before work.

As we were eating, Eraser Eater put down his second sandwich (we had croissant sandwiches) and said, "I have to poop."

I rolled my eyes.

After he bombed the house with his stench, I called him to me. "Do you feel any more pain?"

"Nope!" He smiled.

"Let me press your area," I said.

I pressed it.

He laughed.

I canceled the ultrasound.

I called the Professor. "He had to go to the bathroom," I said, pretty angrily.

"Yeah, I thought that was it at first," he said.

I wondered at that moment if gnawing on the wooden chair next to me would be appropriate.


Uncle Joe said...

What a "Moving" story. lol.

Bee Repartee said...


You have just told the story of my 11 year old. It's the first thing I ask now..."How long has it been?"

Glad it wasn't serious!!

Anonymous said...

poor little chap....

...so glad the problem worked itself out.

Anne said...

That's the first question I ask... "have you pooped today?"

Then I ask "what kind of pain? Does it feel like vomit? Like you have to toot? Like poop? Do you have to burp? Are you hungry?" Usually it's the pooping thing.

doozie said...

gnawing on wooden chairs is ALWAYS appropriate. I tend to agree with you about all the various aches and pains of the youth. They are drama kings/queens. All throughout our trip to oregon I had to listen to "my stomach hurts" "my head hurts". I would ask if he needed an ibuprofen or rolaids, and it had suddenly subsided after only 5 mins. I think half of it is in their heads.

Like you said, if it was really severe, you'd know it becuase he would raise the roof

Uncle Joe said...

I've got a game for you to play.
come on over!!!!!!!!!

R said...


Bee---Glad I am not the only one!


Anne---It felt like pulling teeth to get any answers. I will make note of your questions!

Doozie---Thanks for making me feel better.

UJ---Will come on over in a bit.

Gwynne said...

Now, next time you tell the Prof that Eraser Eater is full of s#@t, maybe he'll believe you. ;-)

This same thing happened to us, only we paid the emergency room a $1,000 to tell us our daughter was full of s#@t.

Glad it wasn't serious.

Alisa said...

LOL! Kids are goofy people.