What I learned outside in the real world this week:

1. I don't look like I would like the Disney movie, Alice in Wonderland. (The funny thing is, I have been talking about it this week on here and I didn't mention it. Someone at work asked me what my favorite Disney film was and I answered and she replied. Hers was Cinderella.)

2. I have been married too long because I didn't know the meaning of metrosexual. A fellow employee was talking about how he needed to get his eyebrows plucked and I gave him a pat on the shoulder to notify him that he is indeed a guy and should not worry about such trivial things.

3. I look like a Charlotte if my name were not my own name. Make sense? Huh.

4. I look like other people I work with because one lady said that I looked identical to another associate and she thought I was helping her, which I wasn't. For the record, I looked nothing like my fellow associate. Nothing. That lady is on crack.

5. I am good at finding things, but of course, I knew this.

6. If you don't eat food you forget to give people their receipts.

7. When water touches leather excessively without getting wiped, it ruins it.

8. I am "proper." I think it is because I don't let the kids watch Shrek because they burp and fart on there.

And I am out of stuff.


Dapoppins said...

Where are you working? Why don't I know this?

My kids havent seen any of the Shrek's either. My husband and I both thought they were cartoons for adults.

So, you like Alice in Wonderland best? That is the freakiest cartoon ever. Lewis Carroll was on crack.

doozie said...

Ok, I am apparently a heathen in the foremost sense, because i myself burp and fart. what is the world coming to? when a perfectly dignified person does these acts?
not necessary to let the kids watch shrek, just view it at home. I mean come on>>>>we are human right? or are we as parents perfect? I know I"m not perfect, im just me. and occasionally I poop and I fart, and what not. damn...blasphemous woman

Mrs. Sinta said...

I didn't let my kids watch Shrek either. I don't remember why. They are not strangers to burping and farting, so I do not think that is the reason. It just seemed kind of trashy to me, like it robbed children of some of the innocence of childhood.

If Doozie is right, and burping and farting makes a woman a heathen, and pooping makes her blasphemous, then we are in tough shape at the SINTA house. Just let me get my hand basket.

This raises the question: Why do good people have toilets? If they don't "use" them, what do they DO with them? My this is certainly food for thought.

It also makes me wonder about the definition of HERETIC and INFIDEL!
Yikes...maybe I don't want to know!

Groovy Mom said...

I MAKE my kids watch Shrek so they can see that their mother is not a freak. ;-)

Leslee said...

I think it's always good to learn things about yourself.

I've recently learned that I don't care if they are slowly taking away my duties at work with no intentions of ever giving them back to me.

Ms. Glasses said...

Some colleagues had a record argument (250+ emails, apparently) about whether Shrek II should be rated R. Apparently there is a cross-dressing cat in thongs or something, not really appropriate for small children.

Also you should change the font colors on your blog! They are hard to read and some of them you can't see against their backgrounds.

R said...

I can get my technical guy on that---but I like the way it looks! I can see it just fine. Maybe you need to put the glasses back on?


(I know you are rolling your eyes at me right now and then staring at my face like you are not amused) Snicker.