New Song Alert

I just semi-finished a crazy song called You Watch Me on my podcast. Go give it a listen, pronto.


Aunt Jo said...


doozie said...

you don't have to scissor kick me in the head, I did as I was told, but was unable to listen out of fear. I'm kidding, I did listen, very nice!

Leslee said...

The baby and I loved it! He danced away the whole time!

Dapoppins said...

is there anyway I can listen without an apple connection...I don't got no itunes.

R said...


Doozie---yes I do have to scissor kick you! You kick me all the time! :)

Leslee--glad the baby liked it! Whenever I think of that song I think of a baby in the womb.

Dapoppins---just email me at wessexcathedral at g mail dot com with your actual addy and I can mail you a cd at one point.