My four year old daughter was laughing in the back seat of the car last week because the trees were "bare maked". She was pointing at them in their shame.

I wonder why I just don't appreicate the beauty of my children more. This life is so distracting. I get so caught up and God has given me these little brilliant lives to care for and sometimes all I can think about is getting them to bed so I can rest! I would say that I don't know what the answer is, but I think I do know the answer. I just forget it all the time because I am a dunce. I know that if I love the Lord with all my heart I will love my neighbor as myself. I will think beyond myself and my own rest will not be the issue any longer. I will actually find rest in NOT resting! Lord, give me joy I pray!


Anonymous said...

Amen, sista! I love what you wrote, Rachel! That is what I strive for as well...and fail miserably at! Thanks for the encouragement. It's fun to come to the Green Cathedral to see how you have been. I get my "Rachel's stories" fix each time I do. Love ya!


R said...

So good to hear from you Jen! Thank you for reading! It is my new outlet for all those old bookclub emails that helped me vent!

I hope you are well. Give me an email sometime. Let me know how the girls are.