I must admit I am addicted to Trader Joe's. I was talking to Miss Betsy about it today and she is too. What is it about Trader Joe's that is so stinking wonderful? I pretty much think it is everything. Those of you in Idaho be informed that a Trader Joe's is like a Win-co and a Cost Plus World Market combined. ---And you get these really cool thick, paper bags to use later for just about anything.

My kids hate it!


Mindi said...

I visited a Trader Joe's in Portland. Paul hated it. He said that they had too much health food. Obviously that would not be anything that he is interested in buying. I forget what I bought, but I liked it. I would like to have an Ikea store in Boise. Paul and I visited a new one when we were in Atlanta this fall. He hates Ikea more than Trader Joe's. My favorite stores around here are Pier One, Cost Plus, Costco and Target. However, most of the time I end up at Winco. It is hard to keep any food item in stock with three teenagers.

R said...

Paul is so much like Bob is scares me. I love all the stores you are mentioning too!
We have an Ikea here, but we have never been inside. This one is huge. It has its own parking garage. We get the fliers and it looks awesome. We keep saying we will go, but somehow we are always busy doing all this other crazy stuff.
We have a winco equivalent here called Shoppers. The prices are sadly enough, good for here. I went to buy a gallon of milk for $3.44 yesterday. It is cheaper at Trader Joes! Ha ha! I don't even look at prices anymore for things that I "need". Can't change it. I made the mistake just yesterday to see how much. I think I was trying to see if TJ's was cheaper. How funny.
I dread the teenage "every day is a constant meal". I have two boys too. Tim is already eating so much it shocks me. That boy is only nine and he weighs like 90 pounds. He is tall and solid muscle, I swear.
Liam is half his weight! Ha ha!