Peanut Cakes

I just finished making this major Wilhelm delicacy at Christmastime. Peanut Cakes. You take yellow cake, cut it into little squares, frost each side of the square and then roll the squares in finely ground peanuts. It is really labor intensive. I feel kind of gross. You know when you eat too much sugar or even when you are around too much sugar you get that sick taste in your mouth? I am right there. Ick.

My boys just came downstairs and told me that they had decided to hibernate for four days. They thought hibernating right under the tree would do well. It was short-lived because I told them "no" and once in awhile it sticks.

My house is a filth-bomb. I can not keep up with it. My house in Idaho was good bit smaller (1100 square feet) and a good once a week cleaning on a Saturday (which usually took me an hour and a half) did the job. It is not like I have ever wanted more living space. I never have. Wilhelm can vouch for that. We just sort of got what we got. I have a number of people to clean up after, so that may be part of the problem. I have one more bathroom to clean, two more sets of floors and a whole flight of stairs. I could keep going but I won't bore you. So, what am I doing on here? Heck, I don't know. Evading. Maybe blogging makes my house dirty...


Anonymous said...

You could be like me: I did not make peanut cakes or blog, and my house is still dirty!

Don't worry. If you all die of dirty house, I won't let them put it that way in your obituary. We will make them say natural causes instead. And that will be the truth.

"The entire family died of natural causes which had absolutely nothing to do with their filthy house which Rachel refused to clean because she was busy making peanut cakes which they choked on when they were laughing at her hysterically funny blog post."

There. That takes care of that.


R said...

You have to get a blog, Mindi---I would be your number one fan! You crack me up!