Walter Wick's Biggest Fan

My middle child is obsessed with I Spy. I am about to go crazy on account of it. Everything is about I Spy.

The other night we were praying during our Bible lesson and it was his turn to pray. He thanked God for Walter Wick.

It doesn't stop here though. It goes further. He wants to make his own I Spy by making a great big mess and taking pictures of it. Then, for the finale, he can write a riddle (that rhymes) so one can "find" little objects in the heap of junk. I have this kid constantly at my heels begging me to look at an I Spy, make an I Spy, buy a notebook, find something about I Spy for him, or go to the library to pick up yet another I Spy.

I will not even begin to explain his fervor of Can You See What I See, which is also by the same man.

Walter Wick, if you ever google your own name and this pops up, you owe me.

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