I've Gone to the Dark Side

For years I have pestered my mid-western husband for putting "cream"(half & half) in his cold or hot cereal. I guess his whole family does it---I am not sure if it is a Minnesotan thing to do or if it is just a Wilhelm thing. I eat pretty low carb because of health reasons and so I try to stay away from drinking too much milk. I try to eat whole grain stuff instead of processed stuff (although I love all processed stuff). So, half and half is pretty whole, don't you think? I think so. It is somewhat low-carb, heck I want some flavor at this point, eh? So, you know, I am a believer. I LOVE it. Not just love it. I LOVE it. It is like turning health food into comfort food in one dip of the carton.

On another "dark side" note: I have hated popcorn my whole life. I can't explain why. My brother does too. I think, it is too salty, too buttery, just gross, because it sticks to my teeth. My sister in law got us this "Whirly Pop" for Christmas years ago and my husband adores the thing. You crank it and crank it over the stove and whalah! Out comes perfect popcorn that practically melts in your mouth. My husband has grown up with this stuff. I mean, it was a part of his daily life-style. Every night when the ten o'clock news would start his parents would tell him to make some popcorn because he was "the best at it." Yeah right. They ate this every night from what I hear. Who knows if it really was every night. Who cares. They ate it a lot. He used to make it, now guess who makes it. Yep. You guessed right. And why do I make it? You guessed it, because I am "the best at it." So, being the best, shouldn't I enjoy it at least a little? Yes, I do, regretfully. I rather liked being the one who did not like the popcorn and hated it. I was cooler then.

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