Hats off to Noel Gallagher

Just went to the Oasis concert Thursday night. I was impressed with them, but Liam made me really tense! Of course in the usual Liam style he acted as if he did not want to be there and did stupid things. I could hardly bear when he began a song and then yelled at a roadie because he did not start singing at the right time and then began again (at least he did that). I think he was mad because he could not get his voice out the way he wanted. He did not whine so much in the usual fashion---at the end of phrases he would trail his voice off like he could care less. It was almost comical, but his body language said, "you stupid people." He would try to sing some note and couldn't hit it so he would cuss into the mic. It reminded me of a spoiled brat throwing a fit in a store or something. I have seen adults throw fits. The best way to describe the feeling of the onlooker is "embarrassed". At one point he said something before a song that said "will" or "wall" or something---who could understand that guy? How could he expect us to understand him? His accent is so thick it is like he is speaking a different language. I heard him yell, "You don't even appreciate it!!!" or at least that is what I thought I heard him yell. I was right because everyone went mad when "Wonderwall" started playing---no one could understand that he was introducing the song---the nit wit---if he would stop and realize that he is in America and we never hear thick Manchester accents on a regular basis. Everyone started singing with him and he threw a fit about that. He gave up in the middle of the song, said, "you sing it, you don't need me!" or something of that nature and walked off all "mad" to the other end of the stage. All the band members just stood there and acted like it was all normal. I kept looking at my husband and he just laughed and said that this is totally normal and he is actually being nicer than usual. How do you put up with this absurd man, Noel? To me, if they did not have Noel Gallagher, the whole band would be lost (of course). Noel's voice is better anyway.
My mom would always say "Poor Chuck" whenever Chuck Woolery would blush with embarrassment at a person mentioning unmentionables on his dating show (if anyone remembers it you have a good memory). In the same way I say, "Poor Noel"!

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