The Goal of Every Woman

I have run across so many friends that struggle as women with their identity and what they are to do with their lives. They struggle with who they are, what they are to do, and where they are to go. I have been there so many times and I tend to go there more than I should. I think, "what do I offer this world?" "What does God want me to do?" Everyone struggles with this stuff, but when you are a mother of young children or unmarried and waiting for that spouse, or just waiting for something different these questions crop up. I have put myself in the position where I thought that I had everything covered and I was doing everything in my power to get all of my chaos at a controllable level. I know we must all be content, all of us know that. The thought that came to my mind in this was the answer to "what am I to DO, Lord?"
What better thing is there than to be "precious in the sight of God"? I knew then that I should take 1 Peter 3:4 seriously when it says, "but let it be the hidden person of the heart, with the imperishable quality of a gentle and quiet spirit, which is precious in the sight of God."
I challenge all of my fellow women who read this to quit listening to the lie of the world that we are to be "something" to be worthy or to be a real individual. Whether we are mothers or single women with careers or no careers---that is where we are in life---God has placed us there. All the rest falls into place when we pursue God.


Mindi Wilhelm said...

I agree wholeheartedly. Recently I attended an Ivy League recruiting session with my daughter. Representatives shared their vision for the ideal student candidate. The next day I was at a job site perched on the side of a dumpster emptying out a vacuum cleaner bag. Although some of it actually went in the dumpster, I was a mess. A young beautiful attractively dressed woman walked by at just that moment causing me to make a split second life assessment. "Am I where I want to be in life?" "Yes," I could honestly say to myself without having to explain or justify my opinion.

R said...

That's awesome, Mindi. I hope that I would have the same thought process given the same situation. It makes me sick how much the world values status, money, and beauty. How opposite our God is when He looks at the heart!