His Turn

The only thing I can think of off the top of my head where I have influenced the man of this house to be as "strange" as me (I am from California, give me a break) is sleeping with a pillow between my legs. I think my past influence in this was when I was a kid my best friend's mother (literally my "other mother") slept this way and I think we even had a conversation about it at some point. She told me that it was "comfortable". She stressed the further comfort of when you are hot, you can just stick the outside leg over the covers and then you are half hot, half cold which means you are perfectly conditioned. My husband thought I was a nut sleeping with the pillow between my legs for the first couple of years. He caught on though. It is supposed to give your back good balance, but we both still have horrible postures. Oh well. I really could go on about this subject forever---but let's just say that the man can not live without his pillow. The cool thing is that his spare pillow is inferior to mine. I get the good one because I thought of sleeping like that first.

Oh yes, I just thought of it. Music. I love Travis and Coldplay and have liked them since their debuts. The other half would act like he didn't like it at first. He would turn the music down when I would play it, shake his head---pretty much put up with it. Pretty soon I would be playing Rush of Blood to the Head and he would be turning it up or he would put the disc in himself. "Hmmm...," I thought. So, one bright winter day my greatest friend (L., who I miss) comes up to me and says, "Rach, are you having a bad day?" I said, "Well, not too bad, it is ok." She said, "I insist that you have a bad day! Tell me it is bad!" I said, "Well, ok, if you want me to have a bad day, sure, I'll have one." And then she tells me that she won two tickets to Coldplay (fourth row, mind you) by getting four James Taylor questions right on the radio. She always "wins stuff". This woman is incredible. She hears from her brother in law that Coldplay is coming to town,they are giving tickets away on the radio (and she doesn't even know who Coldplay is at this point, but KNOWS that I LOVE them) and so she listens intently every early morning to win the things for me. And she does. You know, because she always wins stuff. So we end up jumping up and down yelling fourth row at each other and Laura is purely excited because I am. She turned into a Coldplay fan when she won those tickets. Anyway, they were for us. She knew the other half did not care about them that much, so she was like, "It's you and me baby!"
I went home to tell Mr. Wilhelm. He got really quiet when I told him and sheepishly said, "Well, I wanna go."
To make an even longer story short, I bought he and my brother tickets and we lived happily ever after and went to the coolest concert of our lives.
But, the cool thing is that whenever Laura and I saw each other before the concert we would wave to the other with only four fingers. We would mouth "fourth row" and giggle. I would say that the fourth row is the best place to be.


Mindi Wilhelm said...

I love reading your blog.

We sure miss you guys.

R said...

Thank you!
We miss you too, Mindi. I appreciate so much all the dinners we had together before we left. It was providential.