Purple Prancing Pony

My youngest child says that she wishes that she could be a "rainbow, unicorn, pegasus with magical powers." My husband said, "it is evident God created boys and girls to be different!" Then I remembered from the snippet I saw on "Napolean Dynamite" that Napolean was drawing a pegasus or some sort of mystical horse on his notebook. My husband refuses to see this movie just because everyone likes it and talks about it. This is the same with Titanic. I have never seen that movie either (not that I really want to). But, you know, same reasons. Everyone loves it, thinks it is great, and so we protest in our quiet way. Anyway, I am off the point like I so often do and it drives my husband crazy. I knew a guy like Napolean in High School. I mean, he wasn't really quirky like that, but he was just a little quiet, smart, smelly, and he wore horse shirts. So, sorry Wilhelm, some guys like horses---probably even mystical ones.

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