Ok So Maybe I Died

I am so sick of blogging because since church people and general public people don't care about me and those I love (wah-wah-wah) I think my blog is a bloody failure and I am tired of attempting to write on it. Nonsense. It is all nonsense.

My Girl is going pee and playing her DS at the same time. Cool.

I took all the Christmas festivity garb down today and felt a twinge of sadness. What am I saying? I always feel a twinge of sadness! What is the flipping difference! I need meds! Must have meds!

Not only am I sad, I am insane. Just like I put the tree up on my own, I took it down on my own. My dearly beloved watched the Vikings game and was happy that they won. I gave him a kiss and congratulated him after closing up an ornament box. The man is from Minnesota and believe me, did we have lefse and meatballs for Christmas dinner! Thankfully I did not have to make it. My poor SIL pretty much made everything while I mixed up terrible drinks and made people drink them. I also skewered up little rolls of pb&j sandwiches and cheese with those little sword toothpicks so the kids would eat them. I also chopped up some fruit and whatnot and put that out there. 

The Professor looked at me gravely for a moment as he put away the vacuum (that I didn't use).
"Did you buy M&Ms?!"
I stared at him. I thought about how little time we had left until our guests would arrive. I dumbly looked at him straight in the face and I said, "Uh, I forgot."


No. He actually just shook his head, turned down the hall, got his coat on, and went to the store. "We need more snacks," he said flatly in that Minnesotan voice of his. 

This is what I DID do:

Learned how to make paper snowflakes
Taught children how to do it
Made paper snowflakes
Glittered them up
Suspended them from the ceiling
Created two centerpieces
Strung lights and garlands
Put out a tablecloth
made meatballs
made cookies
made deviled eggs no one ate (and threw away today)
made mulling spice packets
cleaned up
did endless dishes
set up plates and silverware
and I can't remember what else

BTW----No one at the M&Ms either.


Mrs. Sinta said...

I hear Canada has cheap meds.

Emily said...

I don't think your blog's a failure.

And hey, thanks for the Christmas card!

bristowmom said...

It's a pity that the majority of your readers didn't get to see the decorations. I did, and they were beautiful. I got my pictures yesterday but they don't do justice to how beautiful everything looked. I think I did eat ONE M&M! Never, ever thought I'd say this, but I think I'm sick of chocolate!

R said...

Sinta---I have heard that too, but then again, if you look at the back of a book, it costs more in Canada, so I think it is a wives tale.

Emily---Yer welcome.

Bristow---Yeah, we don't take pictures so that is a flying waste.

The sick of chocolate comment made me peal with laughter! No WAY!

Jen - Queen of Poo said...

m&m's? Like a party can't happen without them? LOL!

It sounds like a festive marvelous thing with or without m&m's!

Don't you dare stop blogging.

Lyssa said...

I love reading your blogs! Don't stop writing.

I would have eaten your deviled eggs : )

Uncle Joe said...

The moral is: Minnesotans don't know their snack foods?

Sounds like a fun partay.

I think you might be like me.
You miss the sunshine.
It will come back.
Use this time to write some pretty songs.

Aunt Jo said...

Your.blog.is.not.a.failure. stop.saying.that.stop.

You make me laugh ever time I visit,

I want to see your face in real life. Will you come and visit?

I promise I won't make you cook or clean....unless you just want to then we will cook and clean together. :o)

You will however, have to sing and strum a lot.

Des said...

Works for me.
And I love deviled eggs. No one else in my family will eat them.
It sounds like you set a beautiful scene for the holiday.Paper snowflakes are wonderful!

thislittlepiggy said...

I eat deviled eggs. I also eat M&Ms.

You need me. :o)

Anne said...

I would've eaten your deviled eggs too. I make mine with mustard, sweet pickle juice and mayo.

Please don't stop blogging - I love your blog. And your music. :)

The Doozie said...

I totally dug your eggs out of your trash and ate them. When I was done with that I peered into your windows and observed you picking your nose and eating it.

I just need to warn you, eating your own boogers can at times be a bad idea? Ignore the information you see on the world wide web, the boogers contain toxins which are foreign to your system. The nasty hairs in your nose collect airborne particles and that is what forms the boogers. The airborne particles are toxic because there is toxins all around each of us.

The nuclear reactor down the street is spewing forth toxins as we speak. Are we speaking? how in the holy heck are we going to keep speaking if you stop blogging!!!


Dapoppins said...

I love m&m's...

You are a very lovely person...even if sometimes you forget.

Anonymous said...

You are an existentialist! This is your project. But you have others. A Christian existentialist. There is such a thing, ask Johannes De Silentio - Philippians 2:12.

R said...

I like to think of the way I think as King Solomon did. Read Ecclesiastes. One of my favorite books. And---that was the very book Montag was reading when he felt like he was the 'sieve and the sand.'