I totally almost threw up. I put my treadmill on the incline of 11% and then ran that way for four minutes. That was a really bad idea and entirely awful. What was I thinking? 

Seriously, that is the first time that I have ever felt like lying on the floor and simply dying. Please promise me you all will never do that. I wouldn't wish that on Satan. 

The other night I was talking to an acquaintance about Christmas. We were talking about what we had to get done before the big day and I was telling her I had some baking to do. "Do you have any baking left to do?"

She looked at me a little blankly and shook her head like she thought I was crazy. She barely shook her head, actually. She lazily said, "No, I have no baking to do. I just...don't ever bake on Christmas...." she said it like that was a normal thing, like baking was the weirdo thing to do. I don't know, maybe it was just me. She continued, "But...I do other things like write a Christmas letter and mail it out to family..."

Oh WOW, really? I almost blurted. That is so intense. A Christmas letter. 

What the heck is wrong with ladies in my generation? They can't cook, they don't clean, they don't have any kids (although this lady does have kids). It is like bringing a batch of brownies to a cookie exchange. ---Or worse, bringing Chips Ahoy.

My mixer broke on Thanksgiving. I had forgotten about it, so yesterday when I needed it to whip up some whipped cream, I had to do it by hand. Most of these ladies would never know how to whip some cream by hand. 

I am not boasting here though. I really am not. I SHOULD know what I know. I've done my research, I have done my homework. It's my job, baby. I am just ashamed of all my fellow thirty-something year olds who don't know how to do squat in the house. AND---

I am tired of older ladies who have kids that are YOUNGER than mine thinking that I don't know what I am talking about when it comes to motherhood because I am younger. Um, hello, mine are older and in ONE PIECE so I have done SOMETHING right. Right? And um, I have them with me 24-7 so that gives me a heck of a lot more experience so the woman knows what she is talking about. 

I think 31 {gasp!} has newly given me some attitude. Stand back, I bite.


Aunt Jo said...

Forever and ever

PS my word verification is fortmen.

Mrs. Sinta said...

Okay, so I will gripe with you. We invited someone over to dinner, and they told me that they would not eat what I was cooking, and I had to make them something else. We invited another couple to come as well, and the husband said he could not come, but then he told us that two of their teenagers were coming, whom we did not invite. During the meal, the man who could not come, continually texted his wife and daughter on their phones sending them photos of the area where he was driving. He constantly interrupted the conversation at the table. No one helped with dishes, and they left. What is it with this generation? They are rude and thoughtless and inconsiderate. But wait, a few weeks ago we had a group of college ROTC students over for dinner, and they (not claiming to be Christians) were incredibly nice, thoughtful, gracious and helpful. Amazing. It was not the generation; it was just that some people are rude.

Jen - Queen of Poo said...

I don't get why some people can't cook. I think it's more that they aren't willing. It's not so hard to read a recipe, and really, with Google and the internet there is no excuse. You can find videos showing you how to cook anything you'd ever want to cook.

They just don't want to.

Alisa said...

My roommate tries to cook. Multiple people have showed her multiple times how to cook a pot of rice. She has burned every pot of rice that she has ever tried to cook. I was talking to my other roommate about this problem, and we both find cooking to be almost intuitive. We grew up watching our mothers cook, so maybe that's why.

I don't understand it though. How do you burn multiple pots of rice?

bristowmom said...

Well, I don't know if I've ever burned rice, but I've burned tomato soup. More than once! I will take the part of the rotten woman who cannot cook here: It is due to lack of interest. I hate cooking! There are a thousand things I would rather be doing! So I put the tomato soup on the stove (I know, that is not cooking, but it is just to make a point) then I leave to do something more interesting and the next thing I know something smells funny and I have burned tomato soup all over my stove. And then there is the problem of timing. Suppose I try to make a "real" meal? I have to cook some meat at one temperature for an ambiguous amount of time, somewhere in there I'm supposed to cook some vegetable and potatoes, maybe bread, who knows what, at other temperatures and for different periods of time. It is not possible for me. I cook the meat. When that's finished I think "Oh, I should probably have something to go with this!" If I found the whole kitchen thing interesting I suppose I could figure out how to choreograph it all, but I don't. I like to dial Pizza Hut. Whip cream without a mixer? I don't think so!

Oh, and one more thing. SUPPOSE I actually manage to work it out so there are several things to eat and they are all at the appropriate temperature at the same time. What happens next? I set them on the table, the kids come in and say "Yuck! What is that smell? Do I have to eat that?" Etc., etc. You know the drill. What is the point? Boil some water, throw in some noodles, 10 minutes in the kitchen and the kids are happy! And off I go to do something I actually enjoy.

No disrespect meant to those of you who like to cook. Just trying to state the case for those of us who DON'T.

R said...

Thank you AJ.

Sinta---Yeah, that is pretty bad stuff. The not eating what you provide is bad on top of the texting. How shocking!

Jen---I think you are right about that unwillingness.

Alisa---She don't listen, child.

Bristow---I understand those who don't like to cook because I am not liking it lately either. I think it is for the latter reasons you mention about complaints and whatnot. I get sick of people complaining about good food. I would rather cook it all and throw it at them.

But---kids in my generation have NO FLIPPING CLUE about how to cook. A good many of them, not all. I agree it has to do with interest, but it also has to do with having things handed to you and done for you as a kid.

The Doozie said...

Dont tell anyone...but I am a totally awesome homemaker, baker and whatever. I'm good at that stuff....I just don't do it anymore because no one cares, or is around to appreciate it. I pretend to be a lazy slob...but in reality? I have won prizes for my cookies and my pies

KC said...

This year, I was feeling particularly guilty about never sending Christmas cards out to people. I get handfuls of them each year, and every time I fail to reciprocate. (Do they notice??)

I started a Christmas letter at work, during that time when no one is here, and you could shop online or surf the web, or blog (heh heh).

How do I wrap up a year on one page. There's way too much. First draft: sounds like I'm complaining (Josh lost his job, he tried to get a carwash gig, but didnt get it either)
Second draft: sounds like I'm an overzealous Christian on a Joy-High (Josh was blessed to be fired from his job, he turned down a carwash gig, b/c they wanted him to work on Sundays and he finally got a new job working hours that allow him to be home with family!) The second one was more true...we were glad for the job he is in now...
but, I've just decided that I cannot write a whole Christmas letter about our year. It's just, too overwhelming to condense such a thing.
Maybe next year I will send out cards that say "Read my blog...you should already know all about us by now, Merry Christmas!"

(I baked this year too. =o) Made jelly-roll cookies that I saw made on TV, some candies, that someone else had already given to me, and a batch of pnut butter fudge from a recipe I found online. That counts, right?!)