No One Will Eat My Chocolates

I just halfway finished my batch of chocolate covered cherries. I am making sixty of them. Who will eat them? I am not sure. The Professor's side of the family has an aversion to chocolate and fruit mixed together (I am probably the opposite---chocolate and chicken doesn't sound half bad, so I completely don't understand this madness), so I guess I will bring a good bit of them to the church Christmas party on Sunday, my dreaded day of all days, the day I become an old hag.

Moving on....

I have made some truffles, buckeyes, fudge, and I just don't feel in the mood for cookies. I like making candy. But no one eats it except the kids, but they would be happy with Palmer chocolate, if you catch my drift, so that doesn't count much. Chocolate with 75% wax is not chocolate, it is most likely wax, and if my children can tolerate it, they can tolerate just about anything with sugar in it. 

A customer a couple of weeks ago approached me and asked my opinion about two sets of boots. He wanted to know which ones I thought were better. He had one pair of tall black spike-heeled boots and another pair of ugly camel brown, chunky tall boots. 

"Black," I said, "they don't shout out at you as much."

He opened his eyes wide and jerked his head back in surprise. "I would think that the black spikey heel would be a bit of an attention-getter, if you ask me."

"Really?" I said, "I just assume black is pretty tame."

"But the heel...I bet you money if you walk around in these things every guy would turn his head. Now THESE" he held up the camel brown ones, "these won't get you one bit of attention."

I thought about how I rarely dress to get attention. I thought about how the Professor always thinks that I am ignorant about men and what they notice. I responded:

"I wouldn't ask me, I am an odd person. My opinion doesn't count."

"Odd as in how?"

"As in not usual."

He bellowed out a hearty laugh and put the black boots down.


Mrs. Sinta said...

I do not know if I want to understand how men think.

Jen - Queen of Poo said...

I love buckeyes!

Yeah, the black healed boots are definitely the attention getter. I stay away from heals, period, because I'm an Amazon, and when I wear heals I get all kinds of weird attention. :-P

Bee Repartee said...

Knowing you, you will be smokin hawt in both.


Mrs. Sinta said...

Happy Birthday!

Anne said...

I love anything with peanut butter and chocolate mixed together. It just kills me that my son can't eat it.

Didn't know you had a birthday - hope it was a great one!! Are you 40 yet? HAHAHA!!!

The Doozie said...

RETARD..him not you

please send the candy to me. I love on the candy!!

KC said...


Sounds good to me too! My husband has also announced that he doesn't like chocolate, he prefers vanilla. To which I argue "Vanilla is not a flavor! It's the absence of flavor. It's the base for all other flavors added to it" (which is not entirely accurate, but he's not come up with a good comeback yet for it- so I keep using it)

"palmer chocolate, if you catch my drift" hahah. Yes, ewww. Chocolate Chicken sounds good...and I hate that waxy chocolate. It's like what I imagine a laxative tastes like. uck!

Of all the specialty Godiva, Swiss Chocolate, Lindors...my favorite still remains Hershey. Something about the grainy-ness and texture that I prefer second to NONE over any chocolate out there.