Dresser Worship

Read here to see what it was that I did last week. We sat two seats away from each other. Somehow we still shared food a little bit, but often our way of talking was looking at each other from that distance and smiling. That's what ten years does for you.

Last night I spent my whole night organizing Eraser Eater and the Oldest's room. It was pretty horrible. I got so overwhelmed at one point I almost fainted, but then I realized that I should quit and make dinner. That was a good thing to do.

Eraser Eater kept saying that he wanted his "Aneboda" over by the window so when people walked in they could see its beauty. We had to rearrange some things as well. It was a sort of nightmare. So---the Oldest was organizing his shelf and putting things on the bottom. He was in such a position that when I went over to clean off the surfaces, I had locked him in down there, stuck, without my knowing it. I was just cleaning the shelves. And the boys are always afraid that if they make one complaint while I help them that I will leave, so the Oldest just patiently waited, crouched down, until I was finished.

Eraser Eater yelped, "I haven't seen this in ages! {Oldest}! Come look at it!"

I was still cleaning the surface of the Oldest's shelf, so he was glued to his dungeon beneath me.

"I very well can't," mumbled the Oldest, "I am bowing down to this thing," he said, meaning the shelf.

I looked down, realized that I had pinned him in in a bowing position and laughed my sides off.

"What?" he asked, "was that funny? How was that funny? Mom, wait. How was that funny. Please tell me how that was funny."

"Stop asking her that!!!!" belted out the Professor from our bedroom. I imagine he was playing my hand held Tetris game. The scoundrel.

I kept laughing. The Oldest, in his frustration, was a little miffed.

Eraser Eater kept going on about his "Aneboda"at that moment. "Look at its beauty! I could put all my things on it. People could see it when they come in!"

"I could care less about your anaconda," the Oldest said.

"It's an "Aneboda", not a snake."

"Whatever," he mumbled, aware that he biffs up every word known to man.


Uncle Joe said...

One time my wife fainted in Cassi's room and we didn't find her for two weeks.

Anne said...

One time I fainted in MY room and I wasn't found for two weeks.

R said...

One time my brain fainted in my room and I still haven't found it.

Anonymous said...

Huh, I'm with the oldest; "Aneboda" does sound like a snake.

Groovy Mom said...

You must have the same effect on your children when you're cleaning with them as I do on mine. Whatever you do, don't make mom mad. They know that huge messes overwhelm and frustrate me.

doozie said...

I have no clue what an anebonda is. Can someone help me out? The time I fainted, I hit my head really hard on a sharp pointed rock and was pronounced mildly retarded

Aunt Jo said...

one time..................