Breakdown II

Not much is going on. I have been schooling the kids like normal---we just do a series of "intervals" now and that seems to be doing the trick. Maybe. I don't know. I still lose my cool far too often. Maybe it is because I am a racist and am mean like that. Sorry, Leesburg Reader, I just had to say it. Ha ha. Maybe if I knew who you were I would not joke around like that.

In other news, I am working on more music. At some point when the Prof. gets something up I can put my finished music files up for you to download. That is, if you want them.

In other news today I
*ran six miles
*lost feeling in three of my right toes and then later the pad of my foot
*ate ice cream for lunch (I am on the "ice cream diet", Professor)
*lost my mind breaking up a fight between Eraser Eater and the Oldest, later telling the Professor that I was tempted to gnaw on their necks with my bare teeth (chilling, I know)
*bought a plethora of books at a curriculum sale
*experienced such extreme cold upon getting myself in the shower that I yelled at the faucet to hurry up and get me some warm water
*solved many algebraic equations that the Oldest had gotten wrong
*forgot to use a decimal point at one instance leaving the Oldest in doubt of my abilities. He said, "Do you need food mom? Perhaps some exercise? Your mind is not clear today."
*told the Oldest to put the dishes away four times now---wait---five times now and he still has not done it---excuse me while I put the smack down...
*realized that I am inconsistent, irrational, annoying, out of it, and perhaps a racist (I just couldn't help myself)

Doozie style, I will say, "over and out."


Bee Repartee said...

You lost feeling in your feet? It's the six mile run that did it. I know I'd lose feeling in most of my body if I attempted six miles.

Anonymous said...

Just for the record (no pun intended), yes, we want them...or at least I do (I don't mean to be presumptuous here). The music files, that is.

Groovy Mom said...

It's bad when our kids are telling us our minds are not clear. ;-)

I lost my mind today when my kids dropped a brand new Costco sized bottle of ranch on the floor which split open. Ranch splatted all over the kitchen. My house smells like salad dressing. Uh oh, I'm losing it again...

Mrs. Sinta said...

An older woman at Curves (I love Curves; I am considered young there!) suggested Ginkgo Balboa, or something like that for short term memory, and Ginseng for energy. Maybe the oldest needs some GB.

R said...

Bee---I have Raynaud's! Then, I have been getting athelete's foot from running lately, so I have been taking my shoes and socks off almost immediately after a run, so in a way, that is what causes the attack of Raynaud's. LOL

Morton---thank you! You're the best!

Groovy---I would have split my own head open, seeing Ranch on the floor. How are you going to get it off....I mean, the smell? Ick!

Mrs. Sinta---I think I need Ginkoba. Rocky Balboa. Ginkoba. I think. I am not sure herbs really do much. I wish they did. Maybe it will have a placebo effect.

doozie said...

Is Rocky Balboa making vitamins? I once took a vitamin, it made me feel reallllllllllll good