No Talking, No Singing

I put up one stupid set of Christmas lights yesterday. I tried to put others up but it was difficult. I am a woman of little brain at times. The kids fought a lot yesterday over decorating and whatnot, so I was a little frazzled. I made some soap for Christmas and truffles last night. I was so spent that when Dear Sir wanted to start talking to me I just said, "I am sorry, no offense, but I can not possibly speak right now. Can we talk later?" Earlier on the phone I told him that I was going to quit motherhood shortly---and then a child yelped in the background and I said, "gotta go. I'll talk to you when you get home." Guess I didn't do much of that.

I think he took it well. He didn't talk to me the rest of the night. But he is so darned polite I think he must have been waiting for me to say something. What a guy.

I did get paid the highest compliment of my life (to my memory---I have a very bad one) yesterday, so there is something to put into the archival drawer. I put on some Christmas music and I played "God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen/We Three Kings" by Barenaked Ladies and Sarah McLachlan. When Sarah started her verse my Oldest said, "Is that you?!"
"What do you mean, is that me?"
"Singing---is that you singing. That has to be you."
"It does? No, that's not me."
"You're joking."
"Nope, it's Sarah McLachlan."
"What?! I hate Sarah McLachlan!"
"But you said that I sound like her or she sounds like me!"
"I know! She does! But I would like the song if you sang it, not her!"
"Well that doesn't make much sense," chimed in Eraser Eater.
"It makes perfect sense," said the Oldest, "I don't like Sarah McLachlan's singing, but I like Mom's."
"But they sound the same!" Eraser Eater said.
"Oh forget it."

Hey, if someone can mistake my voice with the most gorgeous voice on earth, I am happy until I die. Forget turning 30, I just achieved a lifetime of work.


Anonymous said...

Hope you weren't frazzled enough to mix up your recipes! :o)

The kidlets gave you quite the compliment. Accept it graciously, for the next minute they'll be calling you a do-do bird.

Emma Sometimes said...

haha, I was going to call you. lights and all...

There is a bit of Sarah in you...I'd agree.

Emma Sometimes said...

You should come and see my latest post. I have some fun blog trolls these last few months.

Carolanne said...

You sound like me - I mean, not like me singing but in what you say to dear Sir. I say often, "Please don't talk to me - for your own safety!" or something to that effect but it doesn't always come out like that either.

You do have a beautiful voice - you don't sound like me when you sing. :)

Avery Gray said...

What a wonderful compliment! I like your kids!

Me, I sound like a donkey when I sing. Guess I'll just have to get by on my looks.


Anne said...

When I first heard you I told "Funky Redhead" (yes, she's still alive) that you sounded a lot like Sarah.

Dapoppins said...

My kids tell me I am too loud when I sing...followed the link...wish it was a bit clearer on my speakers, it sounded like a great version. My Husband can be polite like that too. Makes me so angry!