Christmas Lights

I opened up the Christmas box that sits in the shed with all the decor in it. I don't have tons. The movers broke most of my stuff that I really liked (well, it was the one thing I liked a lot---I must be exaggerating). So---I went to get the Christmas lights from the box (we have about four sets) and two of them were not working. I started to get depressed thinking how I had to go to the store and get new lights, buy wrapping paper, emerge from my tunnel. Not good. Then, by a miracle, I remembered going into the crawl space last year and seeing a tupperware box that said, "Christmas Lights". It was etched in my mind. I put my coat on and went down there. Sure enough, I found this big box and pulled it out and brought it into the house. Looky what I found:

Score, big time. I mean, it doesn't look so grand in the picture, but there are so many lights I can't even express to you the utter wealth. That box is nearly full too, as it is lying there. I wonder what other things are down in that crawl space. Huh. I found a sink. And some blinds, some hardwood, sleds. Lots of cool stuff.

Congratulate me, I won the Christmas Light Lottery.

Also, my boys keep trying to make up a lethal dude named "X-Mas" that goes around and murders people on Christmas. Like, the polar opposite of Santa Claus. I hate the term "X-Mas" anyway. I try my best to never use it.

Let's bring back Boxing Day.


Anonymous said...

Wow, what a brilliant bonanza! So were these lights left from the previous owners? What a deal.

After years of fiddling, I've finally given in to the conclusion that the Christmas lights they sell nowadays are only good for one season. I guess you can't expect too much from something that costs $2 for a string of 100.

Oh, and isn't it true that the "X" in Xmas was originally used by the church and intended to be a cross? Seems like I read that somewhere - and I figure you'd know.

R said...

Jrh---I am pretty certain the X in X-mas is to signify the cross, but to me it is too coded and not as in your face as CHRISTmas. Know what I mean? C.S. Lewis had a big problem with Xmas. I *think* he thought that way of saying Christmas was a direct way of taking Christ out of it all. I did look it up on Wikipedia just for kicks and it said that there is no basis for the X meaning cross. I think the EO Church uses an X to indicate Christ, but the X in our day and age usually means "kris" like criss cross or something.

shealyisnottheantichrist said...


Jennifer said...

Ooooh, yay for the score!

I went to decorate with my kids today, realized that my mini blinds on the big picture window in the living room are just plain gross so instead of decorating I made a trip to Home Depot. Yay. Maybe we'll decorate Thursday. I still need to get the new mini blinds up. :-P

R said...


Jennifer--Sounds like something I would do! One step at a time!

Anonymous said...

I never use "X-mas"... It just screams WRONG at me.

I LOVE Christmas lights. I don't do them outside though. That's Bennie's department. It doesn't look like he's putting any up this year...

Carolanne said...

We have Boxing Day here. :)

I don't use the word Xmas either and cringe when I see it written by others - especially kids at my school.

Looking forward to seeing a photo of the Christmas lights up and working.