I am getting prepared for this weekend already since I am going with Dear Sir to Chicago and we are meeting friends. Saturday is going to be busy for recluses like us, walking the Magnificent Mile for TEN freaking hours. I am not complaining, as shocking as that sounds. I am so thankful to walk for ten hours with my dear friends. That part is great. It is just shopping for that long? I am not a shopper. I avoid it consistently. Most women would be thrilled to go out and buy a new coat, etc, and Dear Sir encourages me to do stuff like that, but I just find no happiness in it. At least I will be with Dear Sir, and he is my right hand man when it comes to shopping (if we indeed partake in that activity). The man has great taste.

Here is the Oldest's Christmas List, which I thought was funny:

(he then lists a few he wants)
A game controller for {the Girl}
football cards
weapons (like guns and swords and stuff)
Star Wars figures (get some clone troopers for Eraser Eater)
A giant candy cane that I can eat
flower seeds for the Girl
Newsboys CD for Eraser Eater
Hotwheels for me and Eraser Eater
(now here is the bomb he is slipping in at the end):
electric piano (a good one)
Garfield comics

Sneaky, huh?

I can't find Eraser Eater's, but his was pretty funny too. At least to me.


mabcat said...

Hmmmmm...no shopping for ten hours I should hope. First stop, the Art Institute...from which point, decisions will be made accordingly, you see. If it is agreeable to all, we can continue on with shopping, or stop by gigantic bookstore or maybe even the awesome (!) Christmas windows at Macy's. It will be good times. Really. Except the cold can be a fun-killer.
Michigan Ave is pretty brutal in the cold.

R said...

I wrote that just to see if you were reading! Ha ha!!!

I really don't mind shopping so much; just ten hours would be hard!! LOL!! Art Institute sounds ridiculously lovely.

I can't WAIT!!! And to see you will be thoroughly AWESOME!!!!

Anonymous said...

wow, so the boy is asking for items for his bro and sis? cool. I think you should get him the electric piano

Carolanne said...

I hate shopping too. Well maybe "hate" is too strong a word but there are much better things to do with my time, than shop for that all elusive bargain for the very thing I have wanted and needed for ever so long?!
Yep. Shopping is just not my thing.