Eraser Eater finally got to go to Ikea to spend his gift card last weekend. Yes, he got an Ikea gift card. Is that not wild? He was so thrilled it was ridiculous. Yes, he is ten. He especially likes the modern design of home items. He got a rug to put under his modern chair (that I assembled with half a brain in tact, remember), a shelf to put his things on (the side table he really wanted was discontinued), and a pillow to put on his chair. A modern one. 

During morning prayer the kids and I use the BCP and then say our own petitions in the middle. After that, we go around and thank God for a few things each. Yesterday Eraser Eater said "Ikea."
The kids think it is fun because I always thank God for things like chocolate and Nutella. 

I have been teaching Fahrenheit 451 in my upper level lit class at the co-op. It has been a little bit of an issue since the book has a lot of mild language. I tried my best not to make it too much of an issue though. In class on Monday I went over the fact that people in this world use bad language and we as Christians are called not to do so. I quoted scripture and left it at that. 

The rest of the class went great---until I asked the kids what they thought of the society in the book. My son, the Oldest, raised his hand (yes, he is in my class). 
"I thought it was a hellish nightmare!" he hollered.


Todd said...

I just furnished my whole apartment from Ikea. The best part of it was they delivered and put everything together for no charge. One evening while shopping there I went to their cafeteria and had some excellent lasagna. I didn't know the Swedes made such good Italian food!

Mrs. Sinta said...

I love Ikea for shopping and eating. Thank God there is one only about 5 minutes from the college Abby wants to attend!

thislittlepiggy said...

Snort. :o)

Dapoppins said...

My husband says hell is a bad adjective too, and should only be used as a noun. But I don't agree.

Uncle Joe said...

i'm at a loss for words.
There's some funny stuff happening all around you.

Jen - Queen of Poo said...

lol! I love that Eraser Eater got an IKEA gift card, and that he actually liked it.

Anonymous said...

The temperature at which paper burns: how lovely. I was thinking...I teach too - I teach college, at a local private school, it's great. I'm considered an easy "A" as is were, an easy "F" too.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone around here realize that "Uncle Joe" is what Stalin was referred to as? Yeah, really. No offense.

R said...

Zach---Bradbury is a fabulous writer. I have really enjoyed reading some of his work. I am not a huge modern book fan, but for some reason the way he constructs sentences---or the way he evokes particular feelings from those sentences is appealing to me.

Don't you teach computer stuff?

I am sure Uncle Joe may know that. He is like U2 and Charles Manson: "This is a song Charles Manson stole from the Beatles--we're stealing it back."