Just one more thing. 

For most of my life I have let others run me. And I mean, the kind of people who prey on people like me because I have been a people pleaser. In many ways I could say that I have been my own problem, I just have gotten myself into the trap too many times to not find the common thread. 

But God changed it. He removed me from a particular situation into a new one. A fresh one. 

And I could assess. 

And a couple of years ago I ran into the same problem but with a different person. I cut it off. I let that "friendship" go. For good reason too. 

And now I have another right now. And each time I run into this type of person (manipulators), I can smell them from a mile off and I know that they are going to pull their tricks once they get an inch closer. 

And so it has happened. The ground, again, had to be stood. And they are pissed because they can't control me like they thought they could, because, I don't know, there is some spiritual sign on my head that says, "please control me, I like it."

Until I can get the sign off my head, I will not be able to ward off the manipulators. They like me A LOT. Instead, I have to keep telling them no, and they do not like that. AT ALL. 

Have I ever told you that I have probably had the telephone hung up on me about a thousand times? I don't even think I am exaggerating. 


Natalie said...

when you figured out how to get that sign off your head, will you let me know? i have the same problem.

Uncle Joe said...

I have a sign on my head that says.

"Follow me through Dollar General, I am a shoplifter"

Mrs. Sinta said...

That is really awful about the thousand hang ups. I like you ALOT, so being the insecurity freak that I am, I was wondering if I was one of the manipulators! However, after thinking about it, I think that lots of people like you ALOT, so just liking you ALOT does not necessarily make me a manipulator. WHEW...that is enough thinking for one day. Now, back to Romans, and I need breakfast.

Anne said...

Please - don't stop being the "pleaser" that you are just because others take advantage. It is a good trait that you-know-who is trying to destroy in you through others.

I'm a pleaser as well. It kills me to think anyone is displeased with me but the reality is, it's not possible to please everyone. We just have to still keep being the "pleaser" for His good pleasure.

How many times can we say "please"?

Anonymous said...

Good Lord Rachel, stop being a damn crybaby. Take your heart off your sleeve and practice your scales, because I can tell that you don't.
The open scale works wonders: use your index, middle, and ring fingers until you've got it, then use your middle, ring, and pinky. I don't even play guitar anymore.

Anonymous said...

Oh, and most of the songs that you have on You Tube - well, your treble strings are out of tune. Stop using those lighter gauge stings and start using 12-56. I'm assuming that the spruce top is a Martin, and the black one - I have no idea. Your "Out of Words" song is also played rather incorrectly. Don't you have some materials to reference? Capo the 2nd I recollect...

Anonymous said...

As an amendment: 13-56 on the strings, sorry for the confusion, I thought about that this morning. And my personal favorite were Martin Phosphor/Bronze 80/20 in 13-56.

R said...

Zach---my goal in guitar is to play chords so I can sing. Notice on my sidebar that I say, "me singing". Good tips though, thanks.

Most of the songs on YouTube are played with my thumb (not a pick) because I found, at least, back then, that the guitar was drowning out my voice, and my voice is what I wanted heard. I still have issues with playing in a fashion that would allow for my voice to be heard. I don't think I can plug my guitar directly into the computer and then use my nice snowball mic. I think I have either/or. I will look into other strings though. I use lights, yes, but Martin ones, which are great.

Yes, I have a Martin, it is my second one. The first one got annihilated by someone, believe it or not. I have had it for nearly a year and have only now gotten used to it. My black guitar is a Takamine. I would only have one guitar but you never know when someone is going to kill your good one.

"Out of Words" is played the way I wanted to at the given moment. No, I don't have reference pages. Some songs I do, actually, most. Not that one that I know of. My voice has changed some over the years and I am more comfortable in the range you heard.

Again, thanks for the tips---when teaching myself guitar I focused mainly on chords, especially bar (or barre) chords. You would be surprised at how many people can't play them so at least I am doing ok in some respects.

The Doozie said...

There's a fine line between Pleaser and Doormat, but it sounds like you've figured it out

Anne said...

I play guitar so I can sing and my second guitar is a Takamine. I call it my "junk" guitar.

R said...

Anne--Thanks. You are just like me! :) You are an amazing singer. I was thinking about that the other day. Wish we lived closer to each other.