Back Home

I had a hard, but incredible past chunk of days. I won't elaborate because to me it is too personal and I do not like to splay my life out there---I need to write it all in an actual journal or something. I know that prayers were answered and God is faithful.

I got off the plane in D.C. to see Dear Sir with the kids---they ran to me and greeted me. The man was wearing his old man golfer's hat and I had a laugh. Eraser Eater and the Oldest were talking to each other, but said hello and hugged me. The Girl beamed with happiness and squeezed me as hard as she could. She held my hand and insisted that she drag my carry-on luggage.

Dear Sir told me that her ear was itchy and yesterday he had to go to the store and get some Calamine lotion to treat it. I took a peek at her ear. "Crap!" I said.
"What?!" The Girl said (Dear Sir waltzed over to the bathroom).
"You have poison ivy rash."
I knew this because my sister in law called me during my trip and told me her daughter had a rash all over her face and it was not going away. I told her to take her to the doctor because I thought it was poison ivy. She did, and what do you know, the next day she calls me during my trip and says that I was right, she got into some poison ivy. The poor girl has it all over.

But my Girl just has it all over her ear. The night of the box car derby race the kids stayed over at my sister in law's house and I am certain that is how she got it. The oils from the ivy plant transferred from my niece's face to the pillow and on to my daughter's ear. How bizarre.

So I spent some of yesterday taking her to the doctor and of course, the doctor told me that I was completely correct, the only explanation was that the Girl slept on a pillow and the oil got on her ear. Totally possible. Thankfully, Dear Sir was prompt and when he saw she had a rash on her ear (while I was still gone) he quickly went out and got her some lotion for itch and and was a completely competent and thorough father.

When I stepped inside my door (oh was it wonderful to be home!) the house was in great order and gleaming. Dear Sir had set flowers on the table and a card for Mother's Day. He also left me two grand bars of dark chocolate (my favorite) and The Oldest gave me an index card of his feelings. We had a wonderful remaining evening---I had a glass of my juice while Dear Sir grilled us dinner. We sat outside and enjoyed our battlefield. So, that was Sunday, yesterday Dear Sir was sure he took the day off from work to devote his time to helping me adjust and recover from the trip, and he left for work this morning sad that he did not have more days to offer me, but was grateful that he had the ones he did.

I can not tell you how grateful I am to my husband---he ironed, organized the boy's room, cleared any clutter, did yard work, made meals, cleaned, fixed things, and the real test was how the kids were when I got home. They were completely satisfied and happy. My husband took great care of them and you could see it on their faces. He spent a good deal of time with them too.

I realize this is boring, sorry. I am just so thankful today. God has given me all I need.

See you tomorrow, as usual. All of you blogger friends, I am glad to be back and in the works again, and have read your recent entries, I just have not commented. K? It was refreshing last night to sit on my bed and read about your lives again.


KingJaymz said...

Your life is not boring, dear Sister. We are thankful to have your web-presence back. I missed it.

Your Dear Sir did little blogging while you were gone, so that must mean he was keeping up on his "responsibles."

I'll continue to pray for you.

Joel said...

It's good to have you home!

Carolanne said...

Welcome home!

Your post is NOT boring - I always enjoy the creative way you write.

The Woman said...

Enjoyed reading your not boring post about your homecoming. Welcome back!

graybandit said...

the uncle-type apparently is 'das ubermensch'. cool!

answered your tag. read it and weep...perhaps not literally...

Anne said...

I have heard how easy it is to spread poison ivy - I've never had it and no one in our family has ever had it. When I was a kid I used to rub it on my face to show all the other kids I wouldn't catch it. I know, I'm crazy. Glad you're back!

Anonymous said...

it's always nice to know things are under control on the homefront

~Jennifer said...

My husband always has the house gleaming when I return from a trip too. I think it's the reason I try to go away often. Well, one of the reasons, anyway. Welcome home.

R said...

Thanks to all of you for the warm welcome.