Ode to Obama (It really sucks, but I am no poet)

My back hurts really bad. I don't know why. 
Obama is probably going to win and we will be socialists.
The lines at the polls were crazy long.
I was yelping out in pain and scaring all the localists.

I am unorganized.
Homeschoolers are not socialized.
Forced public school
and money free
Obama won't you marry me

Starbucks, Chick-fil-a, and Ben and Jerry's 
Give you free stuff if you vote
free ice cream, free coffee, free chicken burgs
is just the precursor
to lots of free stuff. Lots of it. 


Jen - Queen of Poo said...

Lots of free stuff, and less freeDOM.

Dapoppins said...

I am sorry your back hurts. Did you fall?

I know all about the free stuff. Since we are legally poor, we pay taxes but get everything and then some back. I am thinking I will go to college if the O-guy becomes pres because he promised free collage for my income level. And free food. And then I am going to remind all the people who voted for Socialism that they are paying my way!!!!!!!

HogHead said...

Sounds like its time to write a new song...............
Did you get to listen to any JJ Grey & MOFRO? Country Ghetto CD is the one I like.
Thanks for you songs and remember me and Batman when you hit it B I G

R said...

Jen---Yep, EXACTLY.

Dapoppins---Keep reminding them!!!

Hoghead---I did get to listen to JJ and MOFRO. Very soul---I liked it a lot. I should listen to it more. And what a compliment that something about me makes you think of them or vice versa.

I DO need to write another song, but alas, I have a huge pile of laundry. Maybe later today.

Thanks for your confidence in me!

Bee Repartee said...

Awesome poetry.

Mail in ballots rock. Tell your elections office. :)

I hope your back feels better.

Laura said...

Rach, here in the big sky, wild west country, we got nuthin. Nada. Zip. Zero. Just a musty, old people smelling grange hall filled with old people who don't know how to pronounce my name (Oseley? Hoadley? Hoguely?) and a bunch of grief. Yeah. We got grief. That's what we got. But nuthin else, no chocolate, no coffee, no chicken, no burgers. Sheesh.

The Doozie said...

Very strange poem. Indeed, very strange. I will need to have you checked by a professional very soon ;)

Mrs. Sinta said...

I got free coffee at Starbucks, and it tasted like burned beans, just like it always does.

By next election, in addition to giving free food to the masses, they can have Christians in the Coliseum again.

I wonder if those lions are Seeker Sensitive?