New Song

Here is a new song I put up on my new music site. Give it a listen for me.


Alisa said...

It's lovely! :)

Z said...

You have braces? Are you kidding? That bothers me.
Rachel, if you do what you’re told, your little crybaby Martin will not be bigger and better than you. It is a discipline! Not a hobby!
Would you consider coming out here? Bring the kids. Janelle and I will pay half. Stop being a damn crybaby.

Mother Mayhem said...

Waited and waited but the song wouldn't load. ARGH.

I'm sure it's great though. ;o)

R said...

Thanks Alisa. That means a ton to me.

Z---Yep, I have braces. Just on the lower half of my teeth. All those years having no dental insurance living with Mom and Dad didn't help. I had two molars pulled at sixteen and my mouth was in danger with the spaces back there. I was told I needed this crazy extensive surgery to fix it, but an orthodontist is doing some crazy new technological procedure where they screw a hook in my jaw (I have had several already that have popped out---probably have to get one put in AGAIN tomorrow---not fun, and it feels GREAT). They are almost ready to come off, so that will be nice when the time comes.

I am the best guitar player in the world anyway, so I don't know what you be talkin about. I practice quite a bit so I get better as each month goes by. My Martin is not as good as the one I originally had, so my grief is mainly over that. I have met my guitar goal already, which is actually wonderful for me, so I am happy. If I get anything else in there it is just icing on the cake.

You should send me your email. Don't have it. Or if you have ever gotten an email from me (using your old email) I never had an inkling that you got it. So I don't have a way to contact you....just so you know.

You should come here. Lots to see. It would blow your mind.