I put up a couple of song sketches on my music site. One is called "Recall Unto Me" and it is about how in this life we need God to remind us of pretty much everything.

The next song is called "Side" and it is about death. Those that know me would know exactly what it is about and it was good for me to write it.

It is just me and the guitar and I only did one take----so it is not the best recording, but fun nonetheless.



Bee Repartee said...

~claps wildly~ Such a pretty song. I miss you.

I have a guitar now and my feen-ners hurt from playing. How long will they hurt? I'm trying to play 30 min a day. Here's my geetar. :)

PS. I'm learning a song by KT Tunstall called Throw Me A Rope, you can youtube it, and I can't get the picking down right. Not nose picking...I have that down to a science already.

R said...

Pretty guitar!

Ha ha. I am not good at picking. Definitely not good at flat picking. Fingerpicking? Getting there....sort of. It takes YEARS to be passable. Have patience with yourself but keep trying!

Your fingers will hurt until they produce callouses. And then later, depending on how used to playing your fingers are, they will hurt once you play beyond their comfort. On Sunday mornings mine hurt a lot after church, but now my fingers are used to it. Give your fingers a few weeks to a month to get used to the unusual pressure of guitar playing!

I am so proud!