Of Late

I have very little to write about. I mean, I could write about nothing and then I could write about everything.

The Professor is supposed to bomb the crawl space to kill the bugs before I enter in, but that has not happened yet. The cars need to get washed and we need the water turned on. These robins keep perching on the rear view mirrors and pooping on the side of the car. It is pretty gross looking---long streams of white and black poop. The man keeps saying that if he had a gun he would "shoot that thing."

But other than that not too much is going on. Our mailbox that got annihilated a couple years ago has still never gotten fixed by the culprits, our grill has taken to catching on fire (apparently there was a recall we had no clue about) and only works half way, and the Prof. and I killed another pot of herbs I tried to buy again. We set them by the window and watered them but they still biffed it. When I found that there was still a little life yet in each plant, I put it outside once it got warm and what do you know, the next day, the whole pot was upturned.
"Guess I'm not supposed to have herbs," I mumbled to the Prof.

I made an amazing Oreo pie yesterday. I worked hard on it. I imagined exactly what I wanted. An oreo crust, a chocolate ganache layer, Oreo infused ice cream, another thin layer of ganache, and then more ice cream. I drizzled it with chocolate. As we ate it with our guests I heartily complimented myself after I took a bite. "This is awesome!" I yelped. I guess it is not proper to compliment your own pie, but it was the first time I had ever tried it. And I thought it up in Costco. The Prof. looked at me in surprise (I suppose he could not imagine his own mother hollering her own praise) and kept eating. Everyone else ignored me and kept eating---and no one talked about how incredibly wicked it was because I had already crowned myself queen.

But Eraser Eater, who was with me when I was audibly imagining my pie at Costco, said as he was chomping on a piece, "Gee Mom, is this the pie you were envisioning at Costco? It is AWESOME! Thanks! You're the best! You were right, it really WOULD be good!"

I give up on adults who insist on propriety.


Anne said...

"...and no one talked about how incredibly wicked it was because I had already crowned myself queen."

I am SO laughing! I tend to compliment myself as well - everyone else at the table appears to be mute.

bristowmom said...

I don't know if the Professor would remember this but, in our family not only did we not compliment our own stuff, our grandmother ALWAYS tore her stuff apart (verbally) even though she was a great cook.

R said...

Anne---I think the problem with people and manners in general is the fact that they are taking themselves too seriously. I hate the whole aspect of waiting for someone to compliment your meal or whatever. Heck, if you, the cook, find it good, why not say so? LOL

Bristowmom---I REMEMBER, and I wasn't even there! Ha ha! So you can imagine the impropriety of my self-praise! Well, I was just saying the pie was good, not that I was good for making it. Big difference.

I want one of your chocolate cupcakes.